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Here’s when Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ takes place in the MCU timeline

Eternals Endgame

Spider-Man: No Way Home might be the most talked-about Marvel movie right now, but there’s another MCU movie coming out this year that deserves at least a similar amount of buzz. That’s Eternals, which should hit theaters on November 5th, assuming Marvel sticks with the current release plans. The final trailer for the highly ambitious project already answered some of our biggest questions about the film. We know the Eternals did not intervene in any of the challenges the human race had to face, Avengers history included. They witnessed Infinity War and Endgame events and did nothing to stop them because that’s not in their job description.

The Eternals will choose to protect the humans they’ve been observing for millennia, as a bigger threat is looming. Interestingly, the events in Endgame acted as a massive catalyst for what’s about to happen. And thanks to a new interview with Marvel execs, we know precisely when this cataclysmic threat is supposed to happen relative to Endgame.

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What the Eternals trailer tells us about Endgame

Early Eternals rumors told us that the movie is practically an origin story for a group of ten superhero beings that have inhabited the planet for more than 7,000 years. Yet, they’ve never helped the humans until now. Not even when Thanos (Josh Brolin) attacked the planet. The Mad Titan sent armies or visited Earth himself quite a few times in the span of a few years.

Marvel teased in the final trailer that the upcoming threat might be more significant than Thanos, at least for Earth. It’s Ajak (Salma Hayek) that explains everything. The sudden burst of energy that followed the resurrection of billions of beings on Earth favored the dangerous “emergence.”

We’re not told what this emergence might be, but we’re given a deadline. The Eternals have seven days to act, should they choose to defend the humans that they love.

The trailer seemed to suggest the action picks up right after Endgame. Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) snapped his fingers and brought everyone else in the last Avengers film. It’s that snap event that provided the necessary energy for the emergence to begin. But a new article about Eternals clarifies that the events in the movie do not take place immediately after Endgame.

The actual MCU chronology after Endgame

An Empire Magazine article that will come out in October leaked on social media a few days ago. It gives us the actual timeline of events for Eternals. It turns out that Eternals happens about the same time as Far From Home, which is several months after Endgame.

The disclosure comes from Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore, who worked on several exciting MCU projects, including The Winter Soldier, Civil War, and Black Panther.

Moore told Empire Magazine that Eternals picks up with the “new visitors” post-Endgame. It’s “right around” the events in Far From Home, which is an exciting detail. That’s because No Way Home will pick up right after Far From Home. So, in a way, the events in Eternals and Spider-Man 3 will happen around the same time.

The Marvel exec also teased that the Eternals script is built to deal with the audience’s biggest question. The movie will explain why the Eternals were quiet while the Avengers fought Thanos in Infinity War and Endgame. It’s a very “specific” reason, and the movie will soon disclose everything. We already think we know the answer, thanks to a massive Eternals plot leak that seems to be genuine.

Back to MCU’s post-Endgame timeline chronology, it looks like Eternals happens well after the events in WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Of course, the events in Loki occur right after/during Endgame events, but most of that action happens in a place where time passes differently.

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