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Game of Thrones fans fixed some of the worst things from season 8, and it’s so much better now

Published May 18th, 2019 11:44AM EDT
Game of Thrones
Image: Helen Sloan/HBO

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The final episode in the final Game of Thrones season airs on Sunday night, and at this point, we have no expectations considering the lousy writing that we’ve witnessed so far — not to mention that we already know where this journey is heading. Fans have voiced their concerns with season 8 ever since the first episode aired, and it all culminated with a petition for HBO to completely redo the final season. That petition means absolutely nothing to HBO when it comes to revising the show, but HBO is surely watching and learning from this mess. And before Isaac Hempstead Wright takes it personally again, I’ll make it clear: as a Game of Thrones fan, I do not want a different ending. I do not expect a happy end or anything like that. It’s perfectly fine where this season 8 journey has led so far. I just want the writing to be as good as it used to be, instead of the daytime soap opera trash we’ve seen so far. By the way, Isaac, don’t forget that D&D destroyed Bran’s character too. Also, the petition targets just the writing, not all the hard work that went into making season 8.

While there’s obviously no way HBO will ever redo the show, several Game of Thrones fans out there recreated some of the key scenes from season 8, and it turned out so much better than the real thing.

Dany going berserk after those bells rang, and Euron killing Rhaegal are two of the highly criticized moments from the last few episodes. Redditor Tucko29 combine those scenes to tell the story differently. Rhaegal dies during the siege of King’s Landing, which helps push Dany over the edge and sends her on the rampage.

I edited EP4&5 together to make Rhaegal’s death more impactful and with Dany going straight to Cersei from freefolk

Redditor Citizen_Gamer has a slightly different view of the same battle — in pictures.

Image source: Reddit

Speaking of Hempstead Wright’s Bran and his useless warging scenes so far this season, here’s something that would have added significant value to both Bran and Dany, via PhoenixUnderdog.

Image source: Reddit

Of course, there is a way to fix the Rhaegal death scene without merging it with the King’s Landing siege, and sanderobros did precisely that. He or she edited the clip so it makes a lot more sense than what D&D did with the scene.

Rhaegal dies but it makes slightly more sense from freefolk

One other thing David Benioff and D.B. Weiss ruined was Jaime’s arc. It could have been done so much better, you know, in a way that might actually make sense. Reddit user ecxettra illustrated it better.

Image source: Reddit

Let’s stay with Jaime for a moment here, for one more pivotal scene from episode 5. I had a tiny suggestion earlier this week that could further add to Jaime’s arc. We don’t have images for this one:

Who sounded the bells? I hoped we’d see Jaime do it before rushing to his sister.

It’s not just episodes 4 and 5 that disappointed fans, although they are the worst-rated episodes from season 8. Goodsubs1 rewrote the whole dialogue from Jaime’s trial in Winterfell — yes, it could have been epic.

Jaime’s Trial Written Properly from freefolk

And finally, here’s a brilliant dragon battle scene that could have been so satisfying in episode 3, no matter who ended up winning.

Image source: Reddit
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