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Deadpool 3 trailer is finally here to save the MCU

Published Feb 12th, 2024 6:50AM EST
Deadpool 3 Super Bowl trailer: The only Wolverine we got to see.

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Forget who won, and forget about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. The Super Bowl LVIII is now behind us, and it included something even more exciting. We got the Deadpool 3 trailer and official movie title, complete with the R-rated 4th-wall-breaking jokes you’ve been dying to see in the MCU. And Deadpool & Wolverine mentions the MCU from the first trailer. 

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) seems to think he’s here to save the MCU. That he is Marvel Jesus. And given the state of the MCU, he’s actually right. As for Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), he’s mostly absent from the first trailer, even though everybody knows the beloved X-Men superhero is the co-protagonist of Deadpool 3

Mind you, some spoilers might follow right after the trailer below. That’s because Marvel has practically confirmed some of the Deadpool 3 plot leaks that made their way online in the past year.

The Super Bowl trailer

Marvel teased the trailer during the Super Bowl game, giving fans a short 30-second taste of what’s to come in the first Deadpool 3 trailer. The longer trailer was posted online at the same time, both on the Marvel YouTube channel and on Ryan Reynolds’ YouTube. Again, spoilers might follow after the trailer, so you might want to stop scrolling after that: 

Let’s get the title reveal out of the way first. Deadpool & Wolverine makes perfect sense for the Deadpool 3 movie, considering that Jackman’s character is one of the protagonists. Yes, Wade Willson might save the MCU, but he’s doing it with Wolverine’s help. 

The Deadpool 3 title

While we’re going to call the sequel Deadpool 3 pretty much forever, I’ll also remind you of a more hilarious title option that dropped a few days ago. A leaker hinted Deadpool & Wolverine will be called Deadpool & Friend, which also made plenty of sense. This is, after all, Deadpool’s movie, where he gets to mock everyone else. 

Leaks that followed showed that Marvel had already trademarked both Deadpool & Wolverine and Deadpool & Friend ahead of the first Deadpool 3 trailer release. 

While Wolverine is present in the title, the first teaser trailer has actually very little footage of Logan. That is, again, a perfect way to mock Wolverine. It’s not like fans do not know Wolverine is in this one. Not to mention that the Wolverine and Deadpool costumes leaked in full thanks to behind-the-scenes images and videos from the Deadpool 3 set. 

Deadpool 3 Super Bowl trailer: The only Wolverine we got to see.
Deadpool 3 Super Bowl trailer: The only Wolverine we got to see.

In fact, fans of leaks will immediately recognize some of the scenes in the Deadpool 3 trailer. Most of the action in the teaser happens in The Void, as those behind-the-scenes photos and videos teased. 

How am I certain that’s The Void? Well, Alioth, whom we first saw in the first season of Loki might have appeared in one of the trailer’s scenes. Also, the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer doesn’t attempt to hide the TVA. That’s one of the few Deadpool 3 plot details that leaked in the past year. 

The TVA supposedly recruits Deadpool and other superheroes to help the Avengers in Secret Wars. That was the gist of the leaks. They also said that Matthew Macfadyen would play a TVA agent who will supervise Wade and Logan. 

The accurate plot leaks

The first Deadpool 3 trailer has confirmed all of that. The Succession star will play Paradox, a TVA agent who recruits Deadpool similarly to how Mobius (Owen Wilson) recruited Loki (Tom Hiddleston).

This is likely Loki’s TVA after the finale of season 2. But the agents can and will be violent when they have to. Since Deadpool and Wolverine are both in The Void in the trailer, I’ll speculate that the TVA isn’t done pruning certain elements when it has to. After all, they’re trying to prevent Kang from starting multiversal wars. 

The Void also gives us one Deadpool 3 cameo, while teasing at others. We got Aaron Stanford’s Pyro, who is also in the Void. If one former Fox Marvel universe mutant is there, you can expect others. And yes, the rotting Fox logo from the leaked Deadpool 3 photos and videos made it in the first trailer. 

Speaking of cameos, the trailer opens with a scene that features pretty much everyone from the Fox Deadpool movies. Leaks already said most of them would return.

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) in Deadpool & Wolverine trailer 1.
Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) in Deadpool & Wolverine trailer 1.

Finally, I’ll also say that I have expected Deadpool to make jokes about making the MCU better now that Deadpool joins the MCU from the moment Disney confirmed that Deadpool will move to the Marvel universe. The Merc with a Mouth does exactly that while talking to Paradox about becoming an Avenger-like superhero with scenes from Avengers movies playing on TVA displays. 

But Deadpool’s jokes land differently than I’d have expected, because the MCU hasn’t been that good. Deadpool 3 can save it. “Your little cinematic universe is about to change forever,” Wade tells Paradox. “I’m the Messiah. I… am… Marvel Jesus.”

Yes, he is. Well, him and Wolverine that is. They both should help save the MCU. While they’ll also help the Avengers fight their Secret Wars. 

Deadpool & Wolverine will hit theaters on July 26th, and we’ll get at least two more trailers until then.

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