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Two brand new Dave Chappelle stand-up specials will hit Netflix in March

Published Mar 3rd, 2017 1:47PM EST

We learned way back in November that Dave Chappelle was returning to the stand-up scene with a trio of comedy specials via Netflix, and now we finally know when we’ll actually be getting our first chance to check them out. Netflix just revealed that two of those highly anticipated specials will be landing on the streaming service in March — more specifically, March 21st — and we even get a teaser of what the new material will be like.

The extremely brief teaser — we’re talking less than 30 seconds of actual content here — offers a hint of the topics Chappelle’s new work will cover, including references to his long hiatus from comedy and the nuances of race relations in the United States. That’s pretty familiar territory for the legendary comedian, and shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to his many fans. With how much the discussion of race and equality has heated up over the past year, it seems like the perfect time for Chappelle to weigh in with his trademark wit.

Dave Chappelle’s stand up specials were beloved in their time and are still extremely popular today, so for him to finally make his stand-up return — and to do so via Netflix exclusively — is a pretty huge deal all around. It also speaks to how rapidly comedians have adopted alternative methods of content delivery. Instead of the typical HBO or Comedy Central special, the comedy industry is quickly shifting to streaming, with comedians like Louis C.K., Chris Rock, and now Chappelle going all-in on streaming and leaving cable and premium channels in their wake.