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Marvel might soon fix one of the worst things about ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Published Dec 30th, 2020 10:15PM EST
Avengers Endgame
Image: Marvel Studios

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  • One of the most exciting scenes in Avengers: Endgame also turned out to be one of the worst things about the massive Marvel movie.
  • The all-female action scene during a key moment of the film’s final battle was amazing to watch, but it also seemed like a forced PR stunt that did little to fix Disney and Marvel’s focus on male superheroes for leading the MCU stories.
  • Marvel is now rumored to adapt the A-Force comics for the MCU, a team made of female superheroes, including existing characters and characters that are about to be introduced.

Avengers: Endgame

is easily among the best superhero movies ever made, if not the best. It’s certainly the most exciting MCU installment so far, bringing to a close more than a decade of Marvel storytelling. It’s an accomplishment no other studios can brag with, showing the genius behind the MCU bet. It’s one thing to make trilogies or longer series of films that feature the same characters. It’s quite another to make various movies (and now TV show) and then intertwine all those stories. That’s how you get to epic conclusions such as Endgame. There might not be an Avengers 5 in Phase 4, but the success of Endgame practically forces Marvel to begin moving in that direction.

I’ve often explained that the MCU needs to rebuild. Many of our beloved heroes are gone or will leave the MCU, and others will step in, including the X-Men, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four. New villains will replace Thanos, and Disney+ will help Marvel provide even more nuance about our favorite heroes. Aside from rebuilding the universe, the next phase of films and TV shows will help Marvel make up for some of the worst things about past films, including Endgame. The last Avengers film might be the best possible end of the Infinity Saga we could have wished for, but it does have some problems.

Endgame provides apt conclusions for various Marvel characters who have reached the end of the line, with Tony Stark’s heartbreaking end stealing the show. But many Marvel fans have criticized Marvel’s disproportionate reaction to the deaths. Specifically, Black Widow never got the same send-off as Tony Stark. And while it can be explained in some ways, it’s still one script oversight that could have been prevented. Especially considering that Disney and Marvel needed 19 movies to make a movie about a female superhero. Even then, the Wasp shared the title with Ant-Man. Only the 21st film of the Infinity Saga was about a female hero — Captain Marvel. In fact, Black Widow, one of the “original six,” did not get a standalone film until Phase 4. Black Widow will premiere next May, a year later than supposed to, because of the pandemic.

Endgame included an even worse moment than the lack of any funeral service for Black Widow, and many people will agree. As much as it was awesome to see all the female superheroes in the MCU join their forces during a key moment of the final battle, the whole thing seemed far-fetched. First of all, it makes little sense for any number of superheroes to be in the same place at the same time during such a massive battle. Secondly, it makes even less sense for all of them to be women. This was Disney and Marvel’s attempt to honor all the female characters they ignored for leading roles in the past. Again, it was an awesome moment, but it felt forced rather than natural. As if the studios were looking for that particular PR stunt. Unsurprisingly, it somewhat backfired, with many people acknowledging the problems with the scene.

Marvel and Disney can do better, and they will use the next Phases to make up for past mistakes. If anything, the Phase 4 roster proves that Disney and Marvel were serious about bringing more diversity to the MCU. We’re going to get several powerful heroines in the next stories, and many of them will be the leads of their own stories. The list includes WandaVision, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel 2, She-Hulk, and Ironheart. Other films and TV series will introduce additional powerful female characters, including Kate Bishop, Monica Rambeau, and America Chavez. We haven’t even added any mutants to the list, or Susan Storm.

The latest Marvel rumor, from Marvel insider Daniel Richtman, says that Marvel might specifically correct that Endgame scene in the best possible way by bringing the A-Force to the MCU.

It’s unclear if this is a film or a TV series or whether it’ll be included in the Avengers franchise. Not to mention that it’s still a rumor that lacks any official confirmation. But given all the female superheroes about to arrive in the MCU, A-Force does make sense.

As Inverse explains, the A-Force team was introduced in 2015, and the comics had a limited run. The team was led by She-Hulk and included members like Ms. Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel, Ms. America, Jessica Jones, Enchantress, Jean Grey, etc. The comic book run was canceled in October 2016, but Marvel would certainly find other sources of inspiration that would fit the grander scheme of things. After all, Marvel is working on the next Avengers adventures of Endgame-sized proportions.

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