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Scary new ‘Avengers: Endgame’ theory says the ‘Infinity War’ deaths might be permanent

Published Jan 8th, 2019 12:03PM EST
Avengers: Endgame Spoilers
Image: Marvel Studios

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Each day that brings us closer to that April 26th launch date for Avengers: Endgame brings us fresh theories from fans who are still trying to guess what Marvel will do next in the upcoming new Avengers movie. Many of these theories say that time travel will fix everything Thanos did, though many of them still involve tragic outcomes for some of the characters. Just as Thanos had to sacrifice something to get what he wanted, Tony Stark and the gang will have to make their own sacrifices to win. But the following theory goes one step further than others, saying the Infinity War deaths are real and all those fallen heroes might not be resurrected.

For months now, we’ve looked at plenty of evidence that the Avengers who died will be resurrected, and that time travel is what’s needed to beat Thanos. Some theories say that Stark and the remaining Avengers will want to move through time and get their hands on Infinity Stones from other timelines to create an Infinity Gauntlet of their own.

Reddit user CaptainKyloStark has a different take on the matter. He says that we may see a combination of time travel and dimension-hopping in Avengers 4, as the remaining heroes will be running around not for Infinity Stones, but for people. And not just any kind of people, but surviving Avengers from other timelines where different decisions may have led to different outcomes.

But because they’ll be messing with time and the multiverse in such a manner, the Avengers will awaken a “Greater Threat” that might require an alliance with Thanos to prevent further destruction to the universes and the various timelines:

The Russo Brothers are not lying to us when they said our heroes are 100% dead. Those are the heroes in our timeline. In alternate timelines… at least 14,000,605, there have been different decisions made, different conditions which all have caused reality to split off into alternative timelines. Somewhere our heroes are dead, alive, or vastly different from the one we know.

I don’t think that the Cap we see discussing “The Plan” with Nat is ‘our cap.’ I think he’s an alternate timeline cap, perhaps one where SHIELD never fell due to Hydra. I think they’re discussing the plan as the ones being recruited from our timeline. I think that Ronin is not ‘our’ Clint. I think he was dusted and we’re seeing a Clint that made different decisions at some point in his life, and this is the direction he’s taken – a merciless assassin of some kind. I don’t think Russo’s will make his story so predictable. Hell, the leak of Potts as Rescue may very well be some alternative timeline where she is “Iron Woman” in that reality. Anything is up for grabs.

There’s one tiny problem with this theory. Cap hasn’t died in Infinity War, so why would we need a replacement or a second version of him? As for Clint and Pepper, we have no idea what happened to them after the snap, so anything’s possible. That said, we do know Steve Rogers has a new look in Endgame thanks to the trailer. Well, not a totally new look. He just looks more like regular Captain America than rogue Captain America.

Image source: Marvel

The Redditor further says that the Infinity Stones and the gauntlet may be fused to Thanos, which is why they need to explore different timelines. And while Thanos may be the villain, they might all have to join forces to prevent further damage to various universes, since they’re messing with concepts that mere mortals shouldn’t.

As for the ending of Endgame, anything can happen. The dead Avengers could stay dead in our timeline — well, the timeline that we’ve been observing for a decade now:

I think at the end of the day there’ll need to be a choice made: Stick with the reality that Thanos inflicted on their universe, change the multiverse, or….defend what they can across multiple timelines (now that they’ve messed with too much) and join up with Thanos to prevent a multi-dimensional annihilation.

On the other hand, Marvel can’t afford to leave all those characters dead. Some of them will be used in Spider-Man: Far From Home soon after Endgame. And we do know that other movies in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Guardians 3, Doctor Strange 2, and Black Panther 2, are also in the making.

That said, the full fan theory follows below:

There’s 2 main theories floating around that Endgame will be either Time-Travel or Dimension-Hopping. I have a slightly different theory. from marvelstudios

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