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April Fool’s Day roundup: The best tech pranks from around the web

Updated Nov 22nd, 2019 4:32AM EST

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You know what day is today, right? It’s April Fool’s Day, which means many tech companies have dreamt up various tricks and pranks for their fans. Google is a prominent April Fool’s prankster and has plenty of gags for you. But it’s hardly the only tech company that’s trying to drum up some attention this year. In our roundup below, you can check out some of the FAKE NEWS out there that you shouldn’t trust. At least, not today.


Ms. Pac Maps

is this year’s April Fool’s trick from the Google Maps team, allowing you to turn any map on iPhone and Android in a huge Pac-Maps game.

Image source: Google

The Bubble Wrap Keyboard is the kind of fictional product I wouldn’t mind using right now.

That’s not the only Google product I’d like to use right now, in fact. Haptic Helpers will take virtual reality to a whole new level, simulating more than 10,000 unique experiences from the comfort of your own home.

If you like the idea of using machine learning to control the weather, then you’ll love this innovative concept:

Google Gnome does to your yard exactly what Google Home does to your home. But the Gnome has a cool hat.

Since we’re talking about the expansion of some of Google’s services, we can’t ignore Waze for Mars. The Sky is clearly no longer the limit with Google.

Image source: Google

Waze won’t be the only Google product heading to Mars. The Google Cloud Platform is also heading to the red planet, complete with a data center. Here’s a picture of it:

Image source: Google

Google also has one tool that can help you avoid April Fools pranks, as long as you have Google Assistant close by. April Foolproof is the new feature intended to give you tips on how to stay safe today.

Image source: Gadget Hacks


Netflix’s joke is amazing this year. It’s a 24-hour “live” stream of Will Arnett commenting on all sorts of interesting things.


Meanwhile, Hulu is reimagining content by cutting shows to just a few seconds so that they match your attention span. Hu Short Cuts has a bunch of shows available, including Seinfeld, Black Sails, and others:


Roku’s SnackSuggest channel will tell you what food to eat with your favorite streaming shows.

Image source: Roku


What would it be like if your Amazon Echo could talk to animals? Petlexa is the assistant that can talk to pets, and the clip below is simply amazing.

Jim Bean

I say it’s about time Jim Beans came out.


The crazy thing about Lyft’s Power Glove, which is a gadget that calls a ride as soon as you raise your hand in the air, is that they’re actual devices that really work. Let’s hope we never see them in stores.


Reddit has a mind-boggling project this year called Place. You can color a pixel board by placing just one pixel at a time every five minutes. It’s really something else.

Image source: Reddit


iFixit, the company that dismantles all the hot gadgets out there, is getting ready for the future’s smaller and smaller devices.


T-Mobile introduced the ONEsie, a full-body wearable that monitors everything, all the time. The worst thing about it is that you can buy one for $40, sans the fake smarts:


What if you could add 50 more minutes to your day? Would you switch to the New York Minute?

Image source: Tsheets


Forget about learning a new language in just five minutes a day. Duolingo will teach you to speak Emoji for free.

Image source: Duolingo


Moshi’s SpatiaFlight is a speaker that follows you around to facilitate the next generation of AirPlay. You’ll see what I mean.


The do-it-yourself smartwatch is something Ikea would think of. Meet YNGVE:

Image source: Triwa

Lucid Mattress

Is this the bed of your memes?


If you suffer from Email Attachment Disorder, or EAD, you probably need Linx.


What if cars could talk and pick their drivers?

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