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AI re-imagines Futurama as an 80s-style sitcom, and it’s so hilarious

Published May 16th, 2023 3:29PM EDT

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AI is not only in the process of dramatically reshaping common digital tools we use every day, such as Google Search. The technology is also being used in all sorts of fun and imaginative ways, as well. It’s given us, for example, hilarious and actually kind of impressive trailers for non-existent Star Wars and Lord of the Rings movies. Generative AI has also produced hyper-realistic images of Trump running from the police, and the Pope dressed in a white puffer jacket. And now comes an AI-imagined recreation of one of my favorite animated shows, Futurama, redone as an 80s-style sitcom.

The creation, which imagines what real people might look like playing Futurama characters like Philip J. Fry and Professor Farnsworth, was shared by Suburban Garden on YouTube, and it was made using the AI art generator Midjourney. So far, the video below has racked up 1 million views:

This was so fun to watch, especially with the inclusion of the nostalgic Family Matters theme song playing in the background. And also since it comes ahead of the expected premiere later this year of a Futurama reboot from original creators David X. Cohen and Matt Groening.

For more fun AI-created trailers, meanwhile, check out these other gems available via creators like Suburban Garden on YouTube, including:

A Midjourney-created parody of Beavis and Butthead (via Suburban Garden)

An AI-created trailer for Family Guy (via Lyrical Realms)

And The Last of Us as an ’80s live-action sitcom (via Dan Taveras Music)

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