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Keep cool this summer with the Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan

Published Apr 17th, 2022 10:34AM EDT
The Dreo Tower fan next to a bed
Image: Dreo

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Just as spring has started, summer is right around the corner. Many people are ready to head to the beach or out on summer vacations. But while you’re spending time at home, you’ll notice just how warm the weather is about to get. As the temperatures rise, opening up your windows will only do so much. If there’s no breeze, the room can feel stifling without any type of airflow. The new Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan will become your new best friend as the summer months approach.

This is a new innovation from Dreo that works hard to keep you cool. There are easy-to-use controls, specific angles you can customize, and hypercooling wind speeds to enjoy. Want to know more features you can expect from this machine. Read on to find out more.

The key features of the Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan

Dreo tower fan
The Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan Image source: Dreo

Something you’ll be blown away by is just how far the air will reach. The long-reaching cooling sensation stretches up to 32 feet, allowing it to reach all corners of the room you place the machine. A series of custom-designed blades accelerate the air throughout the room. It blows 1,475 CFM of air to eliminate heat almost instantly.

It features an extended impeller wheel that is composed of 210 algorithmic blades. This allows air to flow through with the least resistance. It results in 40% less noise and 63% more air volume. There’s a reason this cools faster with less strain.

You’ll barely hear it

Speaking of the noise, the Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan only makes the slightest noise. It registers 25dB when it’s being used, so people will be able to go about their day not being bothered by it. Babies can sleep with it in their rooms. The brushless DC motor technology eliminates frictional resistance. That adds to the quiet of the machine. It is the first fan to make noise nearly undetectable.

Get cooler faster

Do you want to feel the instant sensation? The Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan features wind speeds of 26 ft/s. This is in large part due to the innovative Bézier curve concept. The airflow path design creates higher pressure and smoother flow. This makes it faster than any fan before it. That will get you to the temperatures that you’re seeking quicker.

The oscillation angle can be customized, allowing you to pick the one that best suits your needs. The angles are 30°, 60°, 90°, and 120°, which is far better than the traditional 90° limits of most oscillating fans. With additional trackballs built into the oscillating track, it’s so swift and silent that you’ll barely notice that it’s moving back and forth. Also, it comes with a remote that lets you choose the settings without having to be at the machine. In Auto mode, Pilot Max senses the ambient temperature and automatically increases or decreases the fan speed, sparing you the manual settings and saving extra energy at the same time

The Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan is good for anyone

The top of the Dreo fan
The controls of the Dreo Tower Fan. Image source: Dreo

Using the settings, you can opt for 12 different speed choices and four different modes. Choosing auto mode will have it sense the ambient temperature in the room and match the speed for consistent comfort. So consider the Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan for your home and your guests. Your energy bill won’t go up much, even if you’re running it for 24 hours. Typically, it’s only $129.99, and it’s a smart decision that will help you stay cool all year round. But right now, it’s only $116.99! Hurry up and snag this deal while you can. Also, this product will be launched on the IoT version on May 10, supporting Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice controls.

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