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Best Laser Pointer Cat Toy

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Not every cat is an outdoor cat. They won’t be running around outside your house, chasing squirrels or mice. Then again, not every cat is only going to stay inside, sleep and eat. Basically, most cats land somewhere in between. But if you notice your cat is starting to look more like Garfield than the lithe feline that it should be, it’s time to think about getting them more exercise. A tried and true method to get your cat to run around is getting a laser pointer toy. Cats love to chase light and you can help them run around by utilizing a laser pointer. The red dot works well to give your cat all of the attention and energy it needs. So if you’re getting worried that your cat may be getting a little too sedentary, consider purchasing any of the three laser toys we’ve highlighted for you below. Let’s take a look at our picks for the best laser pointer cat toys.

Best Multi-Function Laser Toy

If you don’t want your cat to always be chasing just a single beam of light, you can vary it up for them with the help of the FYNIGO Cat Interactive Toy Wand. Unlike previous versions of this toy, you don’t have to hold your finger on the button to emit the light. This has a slide button design that gives you more mobility. This will not only give you a regular laser point, but will also display a star, butterfly, smiley face and mouse for endless training and playtime for your cat. Your cat is sure to prefer one or two of these more than others, so let them decide which one they like the most! It also works as a UV detector, so you can see where a stain or accident by your pet has occurred. It can also be used as a mini flashlight in case of an emergency. This only takes about an hour and a half to be fully charged and you can charge it via USB. The output power of the charger must be less than 5V for it to charge properly. It also comes with a sisal mouse toy that will have your cat clawing and chewing at it for some more fun.

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Best Automatic Laser Toy

Rather than you having to swing your arm around and around to get your cat to follow the laser beam, let a machine do it when you have the Yvelife Cat Laser Automatic Interactive Toy. You can place this high on a shelf, bookcase, entertainment unit or table and point it downward so your cat has something to follow. There are five different radius patterns it chooses from, so it’s not always going in one set circle. It gives you cat more playtime and exercise as it won’t be able to follow the same path over and over. It has an automatic on and off switch, so your cat can play when you’re not home. A huge plus of using this toy is that it can be charged two different ways. You can connect it to a USB port and charge and run it through that or you can use four AA batteries to power it as well. It measures 7″H x 2.75″W and also features fast and slow modes, allowing you to pick what kind of speed it rotates at. Your cat should not be colliding with anything while they are playing with it, as you should be present when it is first used so you know what the pattern is.

YVE LIFE Cat Laser Toy Automatic for Indoor Cats, Motion Activated Interactive Cat Toys for Kit… List Price:$39.99 Price:$27.90 You Save:$12.09 (30%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Best Pack of Laser Toys

Even if you’re out of your home, you can still keep a laser toy with you for those times when your cat comes with you. Getting the GO! Rechargeable Pet Training Exercise Chase Tool 2 Pack will give you more flexibility when it comes to carrying the toy with you. Each one in this pack of two has three different designs it can display, as well as a UV light and a flashlight. This is only powered by USB and it takes one and a half hours to be fully charged. But the good thing is it can last for about a week before you have to charge it again. This one also has a slide button rather than a push one and you can slip the switch to get the different modes of light. This is backed by a 100% money back guarantee, so it doesn’t hurt you to give this a try and to give your cat the exercise it needs.

Price: Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

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