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6 paid iPhone apps you can download for free on July 9th

July 9th, 2019 at 2:22 PM
Best Free iPhone Apps

We took a short break from our free apps feature on Monday, but we’re back with a vengeance today, as a few great apps have gone on sale for free following the 4th of July weekend. Contact management tool, calculator, video editor, sleep sound maker — these are just some of the free apps we found while perusing the App Store today.

This post covers paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. BGR is not affiliated with any app developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app anyway, you will be charged by Apple. Some apps may have additional in-app purchases. Subscribe to our RSS feed to be notified as soon as these posts are published and you’ll avoid missing the sales we cover.

1Contact Pro

Normally $1.99.

1Contact Pro is smart contact manager application which helps you manage, backup, clean your contacts easily and quickly.

Main features:

1. Manage Contacts: Add, edit, delete, search contacts easily

2. Clean Contacts: Delete missing information contacts, unnecessary contacts quickly.

3. Find/Merge Duplicate Contacts: Find and merge all duplicate contacts or similar contacts by name, phone number or email address.

4. Backup Contacts: Safely backup your contacts to local storage or Cloud service so you can restore your address book at any time you want.

5. Share, Send multiple contacts via Email, SMS and more…

Download 1Contact Pro

Calcly: Free Universal Calculator for iPad

Normally $0.99.

Sick of calculators filled with ads and paid functions to perform Calcly is a universal calculator for iPad. With 8 memory cells, you can perform functions for Trigonometry, Algebra, Logarithms, Power, Factorials & more. Our calculator is perfect for students to business professionals to perform daily calculations with ease.

In the settings you can choose one of two themes, enable or disable interface sound.

Features List

• Split View for iOS 9


• NO In-App Purchase

• Single line mode for instant calculations

• 8 memory cells

• History of most recent entries

• Power

• Factorials

• Roots

• Constants: e, pi

• Logarithms

• Sin, Cos, Tan, Sinh, Cosh, Tanh

• ArcSin, ArcCos, ArcTan, ArcSinh, ArcCosh, ArcTanh

• Random

Download Calcly: Free Universal Calculator for iPad

Finder – Scan BLE Device

Normally $2.99.

This app will help you find your smartphone, tablet, smart watch, headset or any other Bluetooth 4.0 device by measuring signal strength.

How does this work:

  – Open the app

  – Choose your device

  – Going to a stronger signal area

  – Scan all BLE devices in range

  – Connect all BLE devices

  – Get all important device information

  – Perform supported operations from smart watches

Download Finder – Scan BLE Device


Normally $0.99.

MOMENT CAM™ is an app for shooting and making retro film camera date stamps. It’s very simple. Just click on each photographic style icon and you will be automatically matched with various filters and date stamps, with this software, you will be able to use your iPhone and iPad to capture important moments and create beautiful photos,

MOMENT CAM™ we provide, including 625+ kinds of random unique effects for you to use, including lomo, 8mm/35mm film, rainbow, light leakage, black and white, retro, exposure, cool colors, warm colors and other effects, Make your photos more full of imagination.


• Contains 625+ kinds of random used filters.

• Make photos more exciting gorgeous dazzling films.

• For a variety of themed photo effects editor to use.

• Date stamped with a traditional film camera.

• Add slogan with classic photo frame.


Sleep Sounds: relaxing sounds

Normally $1.99.

Sounds was recorded in most beautiful places around world.

All sounds recorded with high quality stereo condenser microphones and preamps. (besides generated sounds: white pink brown noises and binaural beats)

Additional features:

Auto off timer

Reliable alarm clock


white noise

pink noise

unicorn music box

teddy bear music box

ballerina music box

cat purring

morning forest

creek in forest


tropical jungle with tree frogs

loro park


heavy rain

heavy thunder

distant thunder

rain under umbrella

rain near window

light rain on street

rain on city street with traffic

sea with seagull

sand beach

baltic sea beach

underwater volcano

night sea

wind in open window

wind at the door

london train station

australian subway

moscow subway

chinese bus


new york silent street

highway bridge

oscillating fan

3D printer

old radio tuning

old english clock

vacuum cleaner at work

wind chimes

gong 40″

gong 38″

binaural beat 1Hz lethargic

binaural beat 2Hz deep sleep

binaural beat 3Hz dreamless

binaural beat 4Hz drowsy

binaural beat 6Hz fantasy

binaural beat 8Hz relaxed

binaural beat 12Hz conscious

binaural beat 16Hz focus

binaural beat 24Hz active

Roscoff port

Amazon rainforest at night

Pazin, Istria (Croatia) at night

Eidar river (Iceland)

Download Sleep Sounds: relaxing sounds

Videdit – Handy Video Editor

Normally $0.99.

With Videdit, you can edit your videos in a lot of ways and make them more awesome and different.


Choose the video from Photo, Select a way of editing, handle it and save or share it.


+ Trim unwanted parts of the video

+ Crop the video into any size

+ Splice videos and images with 100+ transition animation effects

+ Mosaic a part of the video statically or dynamically: select the shape and type, adjust the blur intensity and speed of moving, drag the handler and move to blur the selected part of the video

+ Add some text into the video with rich text effects

+ Adjust the color and effect of the video with dozens of filters

+ Take a picture from the video

+ Tuner by which to adjust the pitch and volume of the sound within the video, distort the sound, and add reverb to the sound make the sound have some special effects

+ Dub for the video and support to adjust the volume

+ Add special audios into the video with over 200 sound effects

+ Adjust the playback speed of the video

+ Replay a selected segment of the video and flexibly set count of loop and the the speed of playing

+ Let the video playback in reverse order

+ Zoom in or out the video

+ Rotate or flip the video and support 3D rotation at any angle

+ Compress the video

+ Convert the video into GIF

+ Create a picture-in-picture video

+ Add borders to video with rich border material

+ Add stickers to video

+ Support collage of videos with rich background textures

+ Paint on the video: select color and width of brush, draw, undo, redo, erase

+ BlingBling for the video and make them full of brilliance: automatically detect highlights, add spot and star streaks and flexibly adjust their quantity, rotating speed and strength

+ Add particle effects for the videos: over 100 particle effects templates and rich particle texture images,

flexible adjustment of various parameters of particle emission. Use your imagination to add surprises to your videos.

+ Add magnifier for video: flexibility to select the area to be enlarged and adjust the magnification and display position of the magnifier

+ Distort video: provide a variety of distortion types

and flexibly adjust twist radius, force and center position

+ Reflect video: provide a variety of reflection filters and flexibly adjust the boundary and center position of reflection

+ Blend videos: provide 20+ classic blend modes: darken, multiply, color burn, linear burn, lighten, color dodge, linear dodge, overlay, soft light, hard light, average, difference, exclusion and so on; flexibly adjust the opacity, size and position of the foreground; exchange the foreground and the background; make the blended area into a variety of shapes

+ Erase video: you can flexibly select the erased area (eg. the watermark) by drawing directly on the video to erase the content on the fixed area, and the effect is better for the erased area with simple background color

+ Chromakey video: chromakey by which a block of a particular color (often blue or green) in a video image can be replaced by another color; tap the video image or the color-bar to select the replaced color; provide rich target color scheme: pure color, gradient color, texture image, photo or video; flexibly adjust the threshold sensitivity controls how similar pixels need to be colored to be replaced and the degree of smoothing controls how gradually similar colors are replaced in the image


+ Real-time preview

+ Quickly generated

+ Support 1080P HD output


+ May save videos to your camera roll

+ Easily share videos with friends

Download Videdit – Handy Video Editor

Jacob started covering video games and technology in college as a hobby, but it quickly became clear to him that this was what he wanted to do for a living. He currently resides in New York writing for BGR. His previously published work can be found on TechHive, VentureBeat and Game Rant.

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