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Today’s top paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free

Updated 4 years ago
Published Mar 24th, 2016 12:42PM EDT
Best Free iPhone Apps

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Yesterday’s post on paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free was packed full of enough premium apps on sale to tide you over for a day, but now you need more. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Thursday’s post includes 9 fresh apps that are all free downloads for a limited time, and you can still catch a few more if you revisit Wednesday’s post.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

Live Mix

Normally $2.99.

The Revolutionary Cut Based Mixer and Editor for Live Photos, Videos, GIFs and Still Photos.

Join unlimited number of live photos, videos, GIFs and still photos.

Cut each movie as you want and mix each cut with unlimited freedom.

Edit each cut with our powerful editing tools like split, duplicate, reposition, reverse, slow mo, effect, sound, text and zoom.

The possibility is limitless. The only limitation is your imagination!

– Join unlimited number of live photos, videos, GIFs and still photos
– Cut movies as you want
– Mix each cuts as you want – unlimited freedom
– Duplicate each cut
– Split each cut
– Enable/disable each cut
– Reposition each cut
– Reverse each cut
– Slo mo each cut
– Apply effect to each cut – brightness, contrast, saturation, filters
– Add texts to each cut with powerful text editor
– Add sound to each cut – volume, song, sound effect, narration
– Zoom and crop each cut
– Add background music
– Integrated support for live photo, video, GIF and still photo

Download Live Mix

WiFi Map Pro

Normally $4.99.

Get WiFi passwords for FREE internet access all over the world! Useful for TRAVEL! Works offline.

*** The most popular WiFi app on the App Store
*** Featured by Apple in 95 countries
*** TOP 1 in 25 countries
*** TOP 1 in Travel category in 40 countries
*** Contains 2,000,000 WiFi hotspots!
USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil … America, Europe, Asia, Russia and CIS, Middle East, Oceania ― the WHOLE WORLD is in your pocket!

– FREE unlimited OFFLINE maps
– WiFi spots from around the world
– WiFi hotspots with tips and PASSWORDS
– Smart cafe, hotel, city and country SEARCH
– MAP navigation
– Get the nearest WiFi hotspot
– Define your CURRENT LOCATION offline
– Access WiFi hotspots even without a pre-loaded map or an Internet connection
– Real time customer SUPPORT

– Add WiFi spots and passwords
– Update old passwords
– Share WiFi hotspots with your Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, and Twitter friends

1. Launch WiFi Map
2. The app will show the nearest wi-fi hotspots with their passwords
3. Done! You are now connected to a wifi ;)

1) Find the city you are traveling to
2) View & scroll the map around
3) That’s it! Now the app can work there without the Internet

# Offline map: free & unlimited
# WiFi tips & passwords
# Stay connected worldwide

Frequently visited cities (United States)
◎ Chicago: 1’800
◎ Houston: 2’600
◎ Los Angeles: 2’600
◎ New York City: 2’400
◎ Orlando: 1’700
◎ San Francisco: 2’100

◉ Brazil, São Paulo: 50’400
◉ China, Shanghai: 3’800
◉ France, Paris: 1’900
◉ Germany, Berlin: 2’300
◉ Italy, Rome: 2’100
◉ Mexico, Mexico City: 10’100
◉ Russia, Moscow: 24’700
◉ Spain, Barcelona: 1’800
◉ Thailand, Bangkok: 6’100
◉ Turkey, İstanbul: 7’500
◉ United Arab Emirates, Dubai: 3’200
◉ United Kingdom, London: 3’800

Download WiFi Map Pro

Lifey Widget

Normally $0.99.

Watch your life expectancy tick by in real time.

“Lifey Widget” uses the latest World Bank data to create a precise life-clock, refined by gender and region.

Access the widget with a simple swipe down of the status bar. Watch the numbers change each second. Gain a better appreciation of your life and lifetime. Look after yourself and value every day.

Features include:
– A unique view into your life expectancy
– Updated every second
– Female, Neutral, and Male genders
– 201 countries and regions
– Share your “Lifey Widget” on social networks
– Optionally give your “Lifey Widget” a name
– Special color variations based on age

Download Lifey Widget

Pic Collage Pro

Normally $1.99.

Make your holidays even happier with PicCollage Pro! With exclusive holiday content, PicCollage has everything you need to commemorate the season! New Christmas and Hanukkah stickers, holiday backgrounds, and easy-to-use templates make PicCollage the perfect app for the holidays (and any time of year)! Join over 100 million people who use PicCollage to combine photos, Youtube videos, funky fonts, sassy stickers and cute cutouts to create the prettiest collages you’ll ever see on a mobile device.

You can also PRINT your collages into greeting cards to send to your loved ones anywhere in the world, or turn your collages into phone cases, magnets, posters, and MORE!

Check out our Contests section and create a visual response instead of just a plain text response. Share with your friends and followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and iMessage.

Awesome features:
* Import photos from your photo library, Instagram, Facebook and web image search
* Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize, flick to delete
* Double-tap a photo to edit photo with Aviary photo effects, clip photo, adjust borders, copy/paste mages, and “flip” stickers
* Just tap on the lower-left Frame icon, and swipe to select a frame to make an instant collage!
* Clip photos by outlining the area you want with your finger
* Lots of backgrounds and stickers to choose from!
* Choose Templates to create themed collages easily
* Share your creations to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Recent updates include:
* Select Grids to make grid collage in seconds!
* Print your collages by connecting AirPrint printer at home
* Make your creations into personalized products- phone cases, prints, magnet, greeting cards or posters !
* Collect your favorite images to collected folder
* Choose your own username and profile pic on PicCollage
* Follow others to discover more collages
* Leave comments on collages and Remix collages with collages!
* We’ve also added a Contests section where you can Remix others with your own creations to get shoutouts and more followers, and stand a chance to win awesome prizes from our sponsors.

If you’re looking for a place to escape from Facebook and Instagram, this is the latest and greatest.

For teachers and parents, we have a “School Settings” feature that allows you to:
* Disable “Photos from Web”
* Disable all social features such as the Explore and Profile tabs
* Diable ads
… perfect for young kids and classrooms!

Download Pic Collage Pro

Daily Duty

Normally $0.99.

Daily Duty makes it a snap to define “daily duties”: tasks that you wish to perform each and every single day. Haven’t performed a certain duty at the set alarm time? Daily Duty will remind you!

Developing daily habits is the BEST way to improve your life:

• You can become stronger by excercising DAILY.
• You can stay more healthy by taking vitamines DAILY.
• You can create an invaluable life yournal by taking a picture (selfie?) DAILY.
• You can keep your mind clear by meditating DAILY.
• You can stay focused by reviewing you goals DAILY.

There are many great to-do apps, why yet another one? Daily Duty is about your DAILY to-dos, nothing more. Therefore it provides the simplest and fastest possible way to manage them. For something that you use on a daily basis, that’s important!

Download Daily Duty


Normally $0.99.

QuickVoiceEx – is a simple and user-friendly application for recording audio notes. Simple and quick record lectures, interviews, dictate ideas, thoughts or enter an audio diary. QuickVoiceEx, primarily intended to business people, journalists, students and others who prefer voice input instead of typing on the keyboard.

Key features:
– Simple and intuitive interface
– Trimming and editing audio recordings
– Share your recordings by e-mail, SMS etc.

Download QuickVoiceEx

Tadaa SLR

Normally $3.99.

Now you can shoot SLR quality photos wherever you are!

1. Shoot
2. Select the Focus
3. Tadaa!

Tadaa SLR brings you THE BEST depth-of-field and bokeh on the App Store.

Join the millions of photographers who create their best work using “Tadaa” and “Tadaa SLR” today! Your Photos are Awesome!

Download Tadaa SLR

Night Web Browser by Alex

Normally $0.99.

Night Web Browser by Alex is the only web browser that lets you dim 100% of your screen, including the keyboard, status bar and web videos like YouTube.


Do you think that your iPhone’s/iPad’s screen is too bright when you look at it in the dark?

Night Web Browser allows you to surf the web in the dark without disturbing the one next to you and without straining your eyes.

Perfect for you who love doing some browsing before sleep without the risk of waking the one next to you because of the bright iPhone screen.

Night Web Browser lets you dim the screen including the keyboard to even less brightness than the minimum standard iPhone/iPad setting. You can simply access the brightness control whenever you want with just one tap in the browser.


– Brightness control/Darkness boost
– A new night mode with warmer color temperature
– Tabs
– Search instantly in the address field and choose from search results that instantly appear as you type
– Two finger swipes for back/forward navigation
– Bookmarks
– Share web page (email, SMS, Facebook, twitter etc.)
– Modern minimal design
– 64-bit support
– Open links direct in NWB with “nightwebbrowser://”

Download Night Web Browser by Alex


Normally $0.99.

**Research shows that social support is crucial in recovery and survival of patients with life threatening conditions.**

Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Death, often leave us dejected, scared and alone. But they don’t have to, for there is a live community waiting to embrace us. A family of friends that shares our struggles, offers advice on our questions and empowers us to be stronger. Together, we form the support system we were missing. All we have to do is ReachOut.

– Dedicated support platform for Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Death.

– Ask questions, share experiences, offer opinions and get feedback on difficult situations.

– Use “My Story” section to share our journey. Telling people about our struggles encourages them to support us in ways we would never imagine.

– Be it for us or our family/friends/spouse, the challenges are equally tough and the support needed equally important.

– Feel empowered by helping others in this live community.

– Easily save discussions and get instant notifications of new comments.

– Gain support, strength and friendships to last a lifetime.

** Heart Disease: Heart disease affects so many people worldwide. It is the #1 killer in the world for both men and women. What is a heart healthy diet? Has anyone undergone bypass surgery at my age? What is the difference between heart attack and heart failure? How do stents work for coronary artery disease? How to prepare for valve replacement surgery? Is my cholesterol too high? What are the effects of statins? Should I retire after my heart attack? These are some of the many questions often swirling in our heads. The Heart Disease section is designed for its users to exchange information pertaining to heart health. Ask questions from other users of this section of support group, and share our own knowledge and help others.

** Diabetes: Whether we have type-1 or type-2, or if we are pre-diabetic, it is a drastic change of lifestyle. With questions ranging from needles, test strips, insulin pumps, carb counting and dietary restrictions, it feels overwhelming at times. However, we are not alone in this fight. There are users from all over the world fighting the same battle as us, who relate to what we are going through. Write our experiences, express our concerns, trade recipes and make new friends.

** Mental Health: This section is devoted to discussing Anxiety, Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder and other related illnesses. Mental Illness being a social taboo, is often not discussed as freely as physical illnesses. This section provides a means to relate with others facing the same challenges in life. Be it for us or our loved one, the social support needed in this fight is crucial. Help and connect with others by sharing our experiences and offering our opinions.

** Substance Abuse: This section of forum addresses illegal drug addiction, alcohol abuse and prescription drugs misuse. Social shame has often stopped users and their families from reaching out and expressing themselves. Connect with many others in the same boat as us. Express freely and hear others in a non-judgmental setting of compassion and understanding.

** Cancer: Breast Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Brain Tumor, Lymphoma, Leukemia, Colon Cancer, Melanoma, Lung Cancer, Relapse and Chemotherapy are words that change people’s lives forever. Often, cancer survivors have much to share with others. Read their stories and write our own. In this support group, we will be able to connect with users who are going through it and also users who have been through cancer and beaten it.

** Death: The loss of a loved one is very challenging time in our lives. This section allows us to connect with others who empathize with us and our grief. Relate to others and gain from their perspective of life to help us cope and move on with our own.

Download ReachOut

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