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8 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now

Best Free iPhone Apps

Apps are at the core of what makes the modern smartphone experience so great. Of course, the good ones come at a price… unless you catch them on sale. We’ve got eight fresh paid iPhone and iPad apps for you to check out on Tuesday, and they’re all on sale for free for a limited time. Hurry, because these limited-time discounts could end at any time.

This post covers paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. BGR is not affiliated with any developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app anyway, you will be charged by Apple. Subscribe to our feed to be notified as soon as these posts are published, and you’ll avoid missing the sales we cover.

HardCast – Podcast Player

Normally $2.99.

HardCast is an advanced and modern Podcast Player for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch (iPhone not needed during playback, playback via bluetooth headphones). With it’s Smart Playlists and advanced playback capabilities, it automates tasks you had to perform manually in the past and improves the experience of listening to podcasts. HardCast also supports CarPlay. Your Library synchronizes via iCloud, so you don’t even have to register a new account.


• Player:
– Shorten Silences
– Play Sound After Episode Ends
– Voice Equalizer: Enhance spoken content and make it louder
– Backskipping: Skip back a few seconds (configurable) when pausing for you to recognise the context of the conversation when you resume playback
– Custom Equalizer
– Change Playback Rate
– Change Seek Interval
– Sleep Timer: Pause Playback after a chosen time interval, or after the end of an episode or chapter
– Stream or Download Episodes
◦ Download Episodes Individually, per Playlist and/or per Podcast

• Apple Watch Support:
– Play Podcasts on Apple Watch (via Bluetooth, watchOS 3.2+)
– Use your Apple Watch as a Remote for HardCast on iPhone

• Playlists:
– Standard Playlists:
◦ Add individual Episodes
– Smart Playlists:
◦ Order Episodes by Publication Date
◦ Order Episodes by Podcast Priority
– Priorities managed per Smart Playlist
– Reorder individual Episodes
– Subplaylists that can be ordered differently, giving you the ability to order some Podcasts by Priority, some by Publication Date
◦ Automatically skip to new Episodes of higher prioritised Podcasts when they become available (optional)
◦ Add individual Episodes

• Episodes:
– Download or Stream
– New Episode Notifications
◦ Optional per Podcast
– Limit Unplayed Episodes
◦ Optional per Podcast

• Chapters:
– Support for AAC (m4a, mp4, …) and MP3 chapters
– Automatic Detection of Chapters in Shownotes
– Artworks
– Mark individual Chapters to skip
– Automatically detect Intros, Outros and ADs
◦ Skip Chapters by Type
– Optional per Podcast

• Configure the Appearance of the App
– Dark Theme
– Show Remaining Episodes on the App Icon and/or the Feed Tab
– Show or Hide Explicit, Chapter, Advertisement and Download Badges on Episodes

• Protected Podcast Support

• CarPlay Support

• Synchronisation between multiple Devices or as a Backup
– Works via iCloud, no Account Registration required

• Integrated Feedback

Download HardCast – Podcast Player

Double Player for Music with Headphones

Normally $0.99.

Listen to two different songs on your headphones with your friends or your girlfriend.

On the train, plane or bus???
You’re listening on your headphones and your girlfriend asks to listen too?
This app is the solution to your problems.
Give the other person an earphone, and you can both listen to your favourite tunes independently of one another with two innovative music players and fantastic graphics.
Be a step ahead with your iPhone or iPod Touch!!!

Download Double Player for Music with Headphones


Normally $0.99.

Puzzle mode in 2D:
– Collect all pixels.
– Find goal.
– You have 100 seconds.

Endless Mode in 3D:
– Collect pixels for more time.
– Find goal.
– You have 100 seconds.

Key Features:
– Multi-Fingered Exercises
– Mesmerising Soundtrack
– Arcade Sound Effects
– Rage Against Time
– Stumping Puzzles
– Retro Style
– 37 Levels
– Multiple Colours
– Pixels
– Endless (mindless) game mode
– 2D and 3D game modes
– No advertisements
– No in-application purchases

– This was a competition entry at Assembly Summer 2017 computer festival.
– 10th place in Game Development combo.

Download PixelMaze


Normally $3.99.

Welcome to Scoutabout, the powerful app to create notes and professional reports of tradeshows. You can use iPad, iPad Air and iPad mini to report easily the tradeshows, the suppliers you visited and document their products.

• tradeshows and type in the information which will be shown on your report
• supplier information and type in contact details
• detailed product information and add pictures
• use the QR Code (needs internet connection) to import all information provided from supplier (if supplier also use scoutabout) and add pictures

• send your PDF with Air Drop to others near you
• send your report by email
• open your PDF in other Applications
• print your report
• save your report in iBooks, dropbox or in any other cloud

Scoutabout was carefully designed to experience a professional usability.

Download Scoutabout

Simpler Pro

Normally $2.99.

* Over 3,000,000 people love Simpler Pro :)

Your address book is a mess?
Simpler Pro will fix it in few seconds!

○ Merge all duplicate contacts with one tap!
○ Powerful Search
○ Save your own contact groups
○ Instantly send group text & email
○ Share your groups with colleagues, friends and family
○ One tap to backup your contacts!
○ Quickly find the contacts you need

Simpler Pro is a completely redesigned contacts app that makes your address book light, smart and user friendly.

○ Merge all duplicate contacts with one tap!
○ Find & merge contacts with similar names.
○ Find & Merge contacts with duplicate phone or email.

○ Remove contacts without name
○ Remove contacts without phone & email

○ One tap to backup your contacts!
○ Quickly export your backups to Dropbox, Google Drive, Email
○ Keep your contacts safe in the cloud!
○ Easily restore your contacts from any mobile device!
○ Move contacts between accounts (Exchange, iCloud, Local Address Book)

○ Save your own contact groups
○ Instantly send group text & email
○ Share your groups with colleagues, friends and family

○ Beautiful dialer to call and add new contacts
○ T9 Dialer – quickly search by name & numbers
○ Quickly find the contacts you need

○ Simply choose your Favorite contacts
○ One tap to: Voice Call / Text / FaceTime / Email

○ Quickly find the contacts you need
○ Filter contacts by Company & Job title
○ Filter contacts by upcoming birthday & creation date

English, Español, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Português (Br.), 中文 (Simplified), 中文 (Traditional), 日本語, 한국어, Nederlands, Русский, Türkçe, العربية, עברית

Download Simpler Pro

Pic Navi

Normally $2.99.

Pic Navi is an easy-to-use photo location viewer and editor. Browse pictures normally, and when you find a photo that you want to know where you took it, you can open a map that gives you driving, walking, cycling and transportation direction from your current location. You can adjust the photo location just by dragging a pin on a map. When you have a photo without GPS information, you can add it by typing an address. You can also remove GPS information when you want to make sure your privacy is protected.

Pic Navi can edit date and time of the photo. When you save photos you get from someone else, they are saved with the date and time they are saved, not when they were actually taken. You can modify it with Pic Navi, so for example, your photos and the photos you get from your friends can stick together. With Timezone Support, Pic Navi shows you the local time of the photo location, instead of your current timezone. Travel pictures with the accurate timestamp make revive your memory more vividly.

Use Pic Navi when you want to share a photo with its timestamp, like an old school camera. You can customize its size, format, font and color to your liking. You can also hide the timestamp by setting the font size to zero.

– Direction from your current location to the location of the photo using a map app of your choice.
– Add, edit or remove location
– Customizable timestamp.
– Edit date and time.
– Timezone Support
– Albums in alphabetical order, plus search function
– Share one or more pictures with timestamps inscribed.

Download Pic Navi

Bubble Tower 2

Normally $4.99.

A new gameplay experience: Now with 110 new levels!

Bubble Tower 2 – Popping the tower of bubbles to land the blue box on the green platform below.

Sounds simple right?

Here’s what a has been said about Bubble Tower 2:
“It had me addicted for days! It’s definitely worth the download.”

Download Bubble Tower 2

iVoice Maker

Normally $0.99.

Turn your device into Powerful iVoice Maker Machine. Super Crisp Voice Recording only with “iVoice Maker”

iVoice Maker is a Fun and Versatile Voice Recording application. Use it to record business meetings, lectures, and personal notes or sing & check how beautiful your voice is, without time limits!

————— Awesome Features——————–

√ Set your preferred recording bit rate from 12 kbps to 160 Kbps.

√ Write in Text to Voice box and play it via Multiple Speakers with variations of Pitch & Speed.

√ Beautifully designed Live Pointer Analyzer shows Record and Play.

√ Save Recordings to Cloud Storage like Dropbox & other drives, Email or Post in Facebook.

√ Set schedule to play recorded files with respect to Time and Date.

√ See Voice Recordings in a fine-looking list format.

√ Several Formats available to Record.

√ Super Crisp Voice Quality and Clarity of Sounds.

Download iVoice Maker

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