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12 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today

Updated 4 years ago
Published Apr 27th, 2016 12:18PM EDT
Best Free iPhone Apps

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Welcome to what is unquestionably our best list so far this week of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free. We’ve got 12 fresh new apps for you today that have all gone on sale for free for a limited time, and they span a very wide range of genres. This list also includes a few apps that we really love, including what is easily one of the most innovative apps ever. There’s even an app that’s perfect for anyone who loves burgers — and who doesn’t love burgers?

You’ll also find a few additional freebies in yesterday’s post so be sure to check those apps out as well.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.


Normally $1.99.

▶▶ The Handsfree mode only works with the iPhone 5/5S/SE and must be used on a polished level surface (granite or marble counter top).

Cycloramic Revolutionizes the way you take panoramic photos and videos! Handsfree!
– Steve Wozniak: ”Unexpected, fanciful and useful all at the same time!”
– TechCrunch: “The Best iOS And Android Apps Of 2013”
– The New York Times: “Pogie Award for Brightest Ideas of 2012”
– Gizmodo: “Coolest thing we’ve seen an app do in a while.”

20 Million total downloads worldwide.

▶ GUIDED Mode (All iPhones and iPads): The easiest, fastest panorama taking app. Just follow the guided system to take the perfect panorama photo every time. Now with HD resolution up to 42MP

▶ HANDSFREE Mode (iPhone 5/5s and iPhone SE ONLY): This revolutionary, fully automated mode lets your phone do all the work. Just put your phone on a smooth, level surface and it will automatically rotates 360 degrees using the phone’s internal vibration motor. As it rotates, the phone takes multiple photos, instantaneously stitches them together, and generates a panoramic photo viewable in our immersive viewer.

– The easiest panorama guidance system.
– The fastest panorama capture (less than 5 sec for 180 degree panorama with the iPhone 5S)
– Stitching powered by Dermandar.
– up to 360-degree panoramas.
– Immersive viewer.
– Video Conversion: Convert any photo into a video (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p or 1080p resolutions).
– Panorama Photo to INSTAGRAM Video converter.
– Share to Facebook, Twitter, INSTAGRAM (photo and video), email, sms and camera roll.
– … And for the iPhone 5/5S/SE, the revolutionary Handsfree Mode.

Download Cycloramic

Gestrument LE

Normally $0.99.

Gestrument LE – the revolutionary gesture instrument! Swipe your finger to play – it has never been easier to make music!

Gestrument received the Innovation Prize in culture 2012 from the City of Stockholm.

Excerpts from AppStore reviews of the full version of Gestrument:
“Wonderful stuff” *****
“Best musical app ever” *****
“Brilliant! Simple AND Deep” *****
“Génial. Tout simplement génial !” *****
“Thanks for releasing this fantastic instrument.” *****
“In love with Gestrument since my first touch. Endless possibilities.” *****
“Play with it for just a few minutes and your mind is already racing with inspiration” *****
“This is a totally original well thought out and beautifully constructed music making app.” *****
“If you like to play with sound this is your app. Simply that. It is what you have to have.” *****
“What a wonderfully creative new way to make music!” *****
“Herzlichen Dank dem Entwickler, ein geniales App.” *****
“Wow! This is a wonderful way to create music.” *****
“Instant gratification, can’t wait to dig in more!” *****
“Vom einem Komponisten für Komponisten.” *****
“Rivoluzionario! Bellissima!” *****
“Total Creativity” *****

See videos and read more about Gestrument on

Developed by Jesper Nordin ( and Jonatan Liljedahl (

• Play and compose music with the swipe of your finger
• Generate music within defined scales and rhythms
• Play with the internal GM sound bank, to use costum soundfonts or to control other MIDI devices or Apps, you can buy the full version of Gestrument
• Download new presets from or buy the full version of Gestrument to make your own
• Record what you play to audio and MIDI file
• Export recordings to AudioShare – audio document manager
• Copy recordings with AudioCopy
• Play back previous recordings, optionally looping
• Use Gestrument as a source synth in Audiobus
• Allow mixing with other apps, for example play a track in the Music app and play along with it in Gestrument.
• Hold (sustain) toggle let you play on other apps while Gestrument is still playing in the background

Improvise or compose within predefined scales and rhythms. Use parameters like pulse density, scale morphing, rhythm randomness or pitch fluctuation to find new paths for your musical expression and creativity. Use the tutorials and presets to fit the musical style you want to play and compose in. Play on up to eight instruments at once – all with different individual settings.

Gestrument works equally well for rhythmic music or sweeping soundscapes, for solo melodies or chord blocks, for long lines or short staccatos. It can help you make music in whichever genre you can imagine.

Download Gestrument LE

Live Wallpapers

Normally $0.99.

*** Live Wallpapers only work on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s+ ***
Get access to custom Live Wallpapers that will animate your lock screen and bring it to life! Select a Live Wallpaper from our catalog, and when you 3D Touch your screen it will start animating. Show it off to your friends!

Right now there are more than 100 Live Wallpapers you can choose from. We are working to add more Live Wallpapers as time goes on.

To set the Live Wallpaper on your lock screen:
1) Make sure Low Power Mode is OFF
2) Save a Live Wallpaper from the app
3) Open Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper
4) Select the Live Wallpaper you saved
5) Go to your lock screen, and 3D Touch the screen.

Download Live Wallpapers


Normally $1.99.

Huerons are tiny circles arranged on grid. What do you have to do? You have to combine all the Huerons into each other leaving only one in the end. Sounds simple? You bet!

Huerons is a challenging puzzle game that will make you think hard and long. The rush of solving a puzzle after bending your mind a million times around it is what will keep you pushing forward. With more than 100 levels, you are looking at days spent in the pursuit of perfection.

And it all works with simplest of rules:
“Adjacent Huerons merge at empty cells between them”. That’s it!

During this journey, you will meet 9 more Huerons that change the way you think about spaces and grids.

CAUTION: This game is not for the faint of heart. Enter this adventure only when puzzles are all you care for.

– Simple intuitive gameplay based on simplest of rules
– 125 levels all unlocked (and more as free updates)
– 2 game modes, Zen and Time Trial
– Hints for all levels (but they only hint at the solution, not solve it for you)
– 9 types of Huerons like Portals, Blenders, Black Holes, Chameleons etc.
– Visual accessibility: support for Color Blind mode

Download Huerons

Super Calendar

Normally $4.99.

iOS Premium Calendar

Most versatile calendar app and widget in the app store!

– day view, list or time view for day events
– customize list view for day events
– turn on/off month view in the widget
– choose from one of 10 styles for month view in the widget
– more customization options

Also the most customizable calendar app in the app store!

– 6 different views easily accessible through swipe.
– Light, dark, color or picture theme!
– Search your events.
– Customize day, week, month, agenda views with templates/styles.
– Table style or list for day view
– 11 different styles for week view
– 11 different styles for month view, 11 different styles for its agenda view
– 13 different styles for agenda view including a countdown mode
– 3 useful year view styles allowing easy navigation to any day, week or month
– 11 different styles for agenda view including a countdown mode
– 8 different styles for Reminders
– Adjust font size for events, choose font
– Choose from 100+ different colors for individual calendars
– Easy settings
– Option to choose default view
– And so much more

– Optimized for iPhone 5S, 6, and 6 Plus
– This has not been tested with iPhone 5 and below, so it may not work with these older iPhones.

Download Super Calendar

Dragon Hills

Normally $1.99.

Are all Princesses really waiting for Princes to come and save them? Not this time!
Take control of a very dangerous Dragon in this action-packed adventure and help the furious princess on her revenge mission. Slide down the hills jumping into and out of the ground, crashing and destroying everything on your way.

Chase down the knights, conquer new castles and discover new lands!


• Super fun, fast and furious gameplay
• Fully destructible terrain
• Epic boss battles
• Upgradeable weapons, armor and explosive power-ups available for unlocking
• Easy to learn, intuitive one-touch controls combined with innovative gameplay
• Game Center achievements and leaderboards to compete with friends
• iCloud Support

Get ready for crazy adventures with this instantly playable and simple to control game!

Download Dragon Hills

Shake for Cocktail

Normally $0.99.

Shake! for Cocktail is the ultimate cocktail suggester in the whole App Store.

Just select the drinks you have, shake your device and see what you can pour with what you have.

The App includes ingredient list, preparation details, standard drink-ware information and tips for 120 International Bartender Association cocktails.

Download Shake for Cocktail


Normally $0.99.

AnyScan gives your iphone the ability of scanning any type of documents you want into one single pdf, all kinds of papers, receipts, notes, whiteboards, tax forms, all of them can be put in the light and portable scanner!

AnyScan takes fast and optimal algorithms to process the scanned documents, auto detect document edges, correct perspective, eliminate shadows, and set the grayscale with inside 6-levels adjustments.

AnyScan has a wonderful workflow, which makes the whole scanning process clearly and precisely, never lost in the stack of operations. You can adjust the brightness and contrast, ratate the document, switch the color mode within just a few taps.

AnyScan builds in a predicate seach, you can get your seach result instantly by evaluating a predicate, then get into the document you want.

AnyScan builds with a powerful document explorer, looking through your scanned documents is a just pleasure of journey, panning, scaling, paging, switching, all before your fingers.

And the clouds support, of course , you can upload the scanned documents to all kinds of online storages, google drive, dropbox, evernote,.etc, then you can share them in anytime, anywhere, any devices.


1 Share the scanned documents to Email, GoogleDrive, Dropbox,Evernote.,etc.
2 Fully preview and adjust the pdf scan results before you share them out including the file name, page size, file size.,etc.
3 Support any type of documents, all kinds of paper works, receipt, whiteboards, notes, cheque, tax forms .,etc.
4 Optimal algorithm for shadow eliminating, correcting perspective, auto edge detecting, get clear, sharp scan results both in grey and color mode .
5 Fully multiple pages organizing, renaming, sorting, adding, deleting before incorporate them to one pdf.
6 Email documents with pdf, jpg format, or save to local camera roll.
7 Sort documents by name and date, build in a powerful ducuments explorer.
8 Build in a predicate search, search your documents by evaluating a predicate.
9 Steady and fast yet low-memory usage.


1 Make the lighting in the room is good.
2 Keep your hands steady and make the camera focus.
3 Place a dark background under your document to make the auto edge detection work better .

This app is still evolving, and your idea is precious, if any advice, please send feedback, it could be a new feature in the next release.

Download AnyScan

Summize Pro

Normally $2.99.

1- Snap a pic of any text
2- Read its summary

Special Features:
– Key Topic Extraction & Analysis
– Categories
– Entities Extraction & Analysis
Find long text very boring ? Now you can summarise anything on the go… No need to read everything anymore, only the important part!

Download Summize Pro

Mini for Twitter

Normally $0.99.

# A lite Version of Twitter with Lock Feature .
# Keep Your Twitter profile Safe ,Keep it private .
# Use Twitter in private mode .
# Keep your Twitter data safe even if someone access your phone .
# Small App 3.5 MB only , Very less compare to official Twitter App 65 MB

* It is not just only Twitter lock , it is also a very light version of Twitter .

Note – This is the Twitter Version of our popular App “Mini for Facebook “

Key Feature –

* Lock Twitter Automatically When App enter in background
* You can also Lock it By Lock Button in the App
* Navigation Button to Use Twitter in very easy way
* Home button to easily move on profile page
* Change Password Anytime
* Tweet to your follower easily
* Only one time login needed
* Basically All the feature of Twitter
# Don’t drain your battery so fast and don’t full up your device with junks !
# It is useful if you are running out of memory .
# Useful for the user who want to keep their Twitter data private
# useful for the time when some of your friend access your phone then he will not be able to see your Twitter data .

# Once Install ,Log in and Enjoy !
# Lock your Twitter in case any other family member want to use your phone .
# It is also fast and take less running phone memory .

Thank you !

Download Mini for Twitter

Text Panther

Normally $2.99.

Text Panther makes it easy and cost effective to send mass messages delivered to each recipient on an individual basis. Separate your business contacts from your personal contacts.

* Schedule text messages to be sent at a later date
*Send a mass text message to many recipients, but each message is delivered individually
*Text message archiving for safety (password protected)
*Create text message distribution lists
*Design and send your virtual business card via text message or email
*Referral notification, share your contact with someone and let your contact know you just referred them

TextPanther is the app that uses automation to enhance your relationships.
• Personal- TextPanther makes it easy to always remember holidays, birthdays, anniversary’s, or special events. Schedule the message to be sent as far in advance as you choose.
• Business- TextPanther will make connecting with clients and prospects simple and efficient with automation.

“Text for a purpose” was designed to be a socially conscious and is a proud supporter of The Cure Cancer Foundation. You can learn more by visiting

TextPanther is essential in the 5 keys to a successful business.
• Segmentation- Grouping contacts based on a connecting fact.
• Automation- Schedule messages to be sent automatically to stay in front of the people you need to.
• Variation- Schedule a variety of messages to be sent.
• Information- Provide good information to your contacts to increase your value and importance to them.
• Repetition- Repeat your message for the ultimate impact.

TextPanther allows you to craft a message and schedule it to be sent at a future time that you choose. This feature enables you to automatically stay in touch with anyone you want to.

TextPanther helps you organize your contacts into custom groups for an easy way to blast out messages to many contacts at once. Although you are sending to an entire group, the message is delivered as it was just sent to that person. Individualized messaging for a personal feel.

TextPanther will archive text messages securely in the cloud for easy password protected retrieval at anytime. No need to worry about your iPhone’s memory either. The archived messages use our memory not yours.

TextPanther’s referral exchange function is a breakthrough way of effectively connecting one of your contacts with another one. The user sends a contact’s information to another person and TextPanther simultaneously sends a text to the referred contact so they know who and when their information was shared. Now you are facilitating a seamless connection of your personal network.

TextPanther’s wallet is the easiest most professional way to design and share your virtual business cards (unlimited). Input a photo, your company logo, your contact information and all social media profiles. Do you act in various capacities with different roles depending on the circumstances? Then share the virtual business card the matches your role to that situation with one click.

If you believe that text is the easiest way to e-communicate with friends, family, business partners and prospects then you need to download TextPanther. Smart texting will increase your sales and enhance your relationships. Imagine combining the functionality of email, contact management and a referral system all into one application.

“Paid Tier” Auto-Renewable Subscription Information:
* $4.99 USD / Month
* Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
* Your iTunes Account will be charged $4.99 for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period
* Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the your Account Settings after purchase
* No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period

Privacy Policy –

Download Text Panther


Normally $0.99.

An app for burger lovers and aficionados to document delicious burgers across the country!

Swipe through recent burger uploads, double-click for burger details, rate burgers, take your own burger cam photos and share via Facebook, Twitter or email!

Download BurgerNerd

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