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This virus-killing hand sanitizer supposedly keeps working for hours after you use it

Published Jan 29th, 2021 8:33AM EST
Image: Brandon/Adobe

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  • You can find some shockingly good Purell deals right now at Amazon, which is fantastic considering Purell is still so hard to find in many stores.
  • There’s also another hand sanitizer option in stock though — and it does something regular hand sanitizer cannot.
  • My-Shield Hand Sanitizer Foam is an FDA-registered sanitizer, and the manufacturer says it keeps working for hours after you apply it instead of only killing the germs on your hands at the time of application.

It goes without saying that Purell is the top hand sanitizer brand with our readers and pretty much everyone else out there, which is why it’s so difficult to find in most grocery stores right now. Apart from best-selling face masks like Powecom KN95 masks that our readers are swarming Amazon for while they’re $25.99 per box instead of $45, hand sanitizer is the hottest product out there among our readers.

Amazon Logo See Pricing
Amazon Logo See Pricing

Purell is obviously going to be tough to find in stores across many regions right now, but there are actually several Purell listings at Amazon that are in stock. What’s more, they’re shockingly available at the lowest prices we’ve seen since the coronavirus pandemic began.

12-packs of Purell pump bottles and 8-packs of Purell travel bottles are the hottest listings at the moment, though they’re both sellout risks considering how popular they’ve been lately. Stock up while you can, but there’s another type of hand sanitizer you really should check out as well.

Amazon Logo See Pricing
Amazon Logo See Pricing

A well-known company called ESC makes a product you may or may not have heard of: My-Shield Hand Sanitizer Foam, which not enough people know about. It’s FDA-registered and formulated right here in the USA, but the most important thing about it might be a special capability that sets it apart from regular alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

According to the manufacturer, My-Shield is fully tested and proven to kill bacteria and viruses just like Purell. But instead of using ethyl alcohol as the active ingredient, it uses a nontoxic active ingredient called zetrisil. What’s so special about My-Shield and zetrisil, you ask? There are apparently two things you need to know, and you’ll find them both in this key blurb from ESC’s recent press release:

ESC’s FDA- & Health Canada-registered hand sanitizers show an initial 30- & 60-second virus kill rate of 99.90%, with persistence of virus-killing activity for four hours after a single initial application. The company claims its Zetrisil®-based hand sanitizer is far safer and more effective than alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Zetrisil® stays on the surface of the skin and is proven to kill the COVID-19 virus for four hours per application. In contrast, alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be absorbed into the bloodstream, are extremely flammable, and are only proven effective for a few minutes after each application. These factors make traditional alcohol-based hand sanitizers a less than optimal choice for use in children. Because Zetrisil® is safer than traditional agents and remains on the skin for several hours, children are protected longer without the need for frequent applications of sanitizer.

First of all, this hand sanitizer is proven to kill viruses, according to the manufacturer. On top of that, ESC’s My-Shield Hand Sanitizer Foam apparently doesn’t just kill viruses and other germs at the time of application. Instead, ESC says that it continues to kill germs for several hours after it’s applied. Definitely check it out before it sells out at Amazon, which could be pretty soon now that we’ve let the cat out of the bag.

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon
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