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Frontier Airlines passenger says a woman stabbed him with a needle to steal his DNA

Frontier Airlines plane

“A man gotta have a code,” the character of Omar Little once famously opined in the classic HBO series The Wire. It’s so true, and here’s my code. A very small part of it, at least: When life hands you an opportunity to fly on Frontier Airlines?

Do not do that.

One of the many clues that point toward a less than ideal flying experience is the ticket price. I saw a Frontier fare sale a few weeks ago, for example, with tickets as low as $16. Friends, when fares approach the cost of a fast food meal, you have to ask yourself: Do I really want to be crammed together at 30,000 feet, entrusting my life to pilots and my sanity to the passengers and flight attendants around me, for the same price someone might pay for chicken nuggets?

Crazy Frontier Airlines passenger

Also when flying Frontier, the cut-rate fares mean that you’re also nickel-and-dimed to death, for every little thing. And that you run into passengers like one on a flight from New York City to Orlando a few days ago — a clearly well-adjusted sort of guy, who started yelling that a woman was trying to steal his DNA and was sticking him with a needle.

He eventually started threatening other passengers, so the plane had to make an emergency landing.

One of the passengers on the plane named Savannah Figueroa told a local news station that the man “was really loud and obnoxious from the beginning.

“The passenger that was sitting behind him was a lady and her autistic son … so I guess he kept getting poked and touched from behind. And he started freaking out and claiming that ‘these people keep putting hands on me, they’re trying to stick me with needles, they’re trying to collect my DNA.’”

The man eventually really flipped out and reportedly started threatening to kill people on the plane and tried to break a window. Figueroa, seriously scared by this point, decided to text a loved one. But, of course, no Wi-Fi was available on her flight.

Frontier-Spirit merger

Meanwhile, just a few days ago, this airline with terrible customer satisfaction scores decided to become an even bigger airline that people will hate. That’s thanks to the newly announced $6.6 billion Frontier-Spirit airlines merger, which will combine two airlines have the worst customer satisfaction ratings in the industry, per the American Consumer Satisfaction Index.

The combo will create the fifth-largest US airline, but many of the details are still unclear. Such as what corporate branding the airline will fly under. Consumers, meanwhile, have been perfectly clear with their feelings about this proposed union.

Here are some of the funniest reactions to the merger via Twitter:

  • @KyleClark: While you’re all making fun of the Frontier Spirit merger, I just booked a $17 flight to Cancun with a seat on the wing.
  • @BoutiqueBurnout: Frontier and Spirit to merge in $6.6 billion deal (raised to $13 billion after checking bags).
  • @BigRadMachine: I love that Frontier and Spirit Airlines are merging to become the KFC/Taco Bell combination of the sky.
  • @JasperJay40: Frontier and Spirit are merging, making it so there’s only one airline to be avoided.
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