Everybody loves the feeling of cuddling under a blanket on the couch when it’s a bit cold out. Feeling warm and covered just brings an overwhelming sense of home. It’s the first thing some people do when they get home from work, after changing out of their work clothes of course. But not all blankets and pillows can easily be stored on your couch. Rather than just folding them and placing them on the floor next to the couch, you need somewhere to keep them so they won’t get dirty. A cotton rope basket has proven to be a perfect accompaniment to your family room, as it provides easy and stylish storage. Utilizing a cotton rope basket will look good in any room of your house. If you’re in the market for added storage that’s simple to use, choosing any of the three cotton rope baskets that we’ve hand selected for you is a smart decision. Let’s take a look at our choices.

Best Large Cotton Rope Basket

Whether it’s for the blankets in your bedroom, near the couch, or for nursery toys, you’re going to need a large basket to store everything in. With the INDRESSME XXXLarge Cotton Rope Basket, you’ll have the chance to store just about anything that you want. This XXXL basket measures 21.7″ x 21.7″ x 13.8″, offering you plenty of space to keep throw pillows, blankets, comforters and cushions. Made from 100% cotton woven thread rope, this is foldable and easy to move. The handles are made from rope and the entire basket is soft but sturdy enough to stand up on its own. These have a multi-use design and are made from healthy material, so it won’t be harmful to your child if you use this basket to store things in their nursery or room. It has a neutral color design, so it will match with pretty much any decor. Even though it’s so big, it can conform to its setting, as it will fit on shelves, under a desk or in a closet. Do not place it in the washing machine. It should be washed by hand and dried naturally.

Best Color Selection of Cotton Rope Baskets

Rather than just being stuck with one option that is likely patterned in neutral colors, you should be able to choose a more uplifting design. By purchasing a unit from OrganiHaus Cotton Rope Storage Baskets, you’ll be happy with your options. There are nine different color choices to pick from, allowing you to match it to your preferred color scheme. You can choose from three-toned grey, black and white stitches, blue and white, grey and white, a grey, white, and grey pattern, pink and white, a white, grey and white pattern, three-toned blue, and three-toned pink. This XXL hamper measures 20″ x 13.3″ and has no plastics, harsh chemicals, toxin or harmful additives. It is the natural renewable material that you’ll feel good about having in your home. The rope will not separate, fray or fall apart, meaning it will stay with your for a long time. This has plenty of space for plush toys, blankets, comforters or even dirty laundry and towels. Any of these rope baskets comes with a 100% money back guarantee so it doesn’t take much for you to give it a try.

Best Regular Size Cotton Rope Basket

If you don’t need something quite as big as the previous two, the Goodpick Large Cotton Rope Basket could be perfect for you. This measures 15.8″ x 15.8″ x 13.8″ and is made from solid, 100% cotton rope. This is a healthy material that doesn’t have any harmful chemicals. This basket is soft and firm and won’t collect any collision scratches or punctures. This is ideal for nurseries and the neutral color design will be a welcome addition to your home’s decor. The durable handles won’t rip at all and it is easy to move. This has passed environmental-friendly tests of the FDA and it is made by hands of the highest quality. It is washable and can be used to store a number of things. This is perfect for just adding some more storage to any room of your house.