Just a decade ago, you might mistake the word “drone” for a certain type of Star Wars character. Now, it’s unheard of to, well, not know what a drone is and, to a lesser extent, not own one yourself. There are plenty of uses for drones to justify purchasing one — whether you’re a hobbyist that likes to fly them outside, a professional photographer that’s looking for the perfect shot for a wedding, or you simply want to deliver something to your next-door neighbor without leaving your room. There are really no limits to how a drone can be used. But which one, exactly, should you purchase? Well, there are a few options out there. If you’re a beginner or you’re getting the device for your child, you should probably get one that caters to “noobs,” so to speak. On the other hand, if you’re a videographer that needs a drone to capture spectacular footage outdoors, then you should go in a different direction entirely. We outlined some of the best drones — that are more than reasonably priced — with a variety of specs so you can choose the right one for your own lifestyle. Let’s take a look.

Best Drone for Beginners

If you’re just entering the wide world of drones, the DROCON Ninja Drone for Kids & Beginners should be your first-ever drone purchase. For starters, it features a high-quality 720p/30fps HD camera with Wi-Fi connectivity to capture high-resolution images and videos with ease. The camera itself contains a marvelous 120° wide-angle lens capable of capturing bold and true colors in addition to high-quality panoramic views. The drone is equipped with an advanced barometer and features a convenient altitude hold mode that helps the drone maintain a stable flight all the way through, thus making your pictures and videos smoother and clearer. The drone can also be fully controlled with a corresponding app, which you can connect to your phone via Wi-Fi. The app offers real-time image transmission, so you can immediately capture and share or send the videos and pictures to friends or family. Its foldable design also makes it ultra-portable in nearly any situation. But the real difference maker we found, at least when it comes to beginner adaptability, is the fact that the drone comes with a headless mode function and a one-key take-off/landing, in addition to the aforementioned altitude hold function, which allows for easy operation regardless of how much experience you have flying drones.

Best Voice Control Drone

For those who are a little more comfortable with a higher-end drone and want a device with advanced features — namely, voice control — the SNAPTAIN A15 Foldable FPV WiFi Drone is the best option. Featuring similarly crystal clear imagery through a high-tech 120°, wide-angle 720P HD camera that includes an adjustable angle to take a wide array of stunning aerial photos and videos, this drone is great for a number of different reasons. The Wi-Fi real-time transmission FPV system can connect the drone to your phone, so you can see everything your drone sees right from the palm of your hand. It also features an advanced fly-by-trajectory, which allows you to draw a simple path through the correlating app’s interface on your phone for the drone to follow. In addition to tailoring the drone’s automatic flight pattern, the drone also contains multiple flight modes, including an easy-to-operate altitude hold mode for increased stability, a gravity sensor mode, 360° flips and rolls, headless mode, one key start/landing/return, emergency stop and a three-speed mode adjustment. And perhaps best of all, you can control the drone completely hands-free through smart voice control. All you have to do is give the device simple commands like “take off,”  “landing,” “left,” “right,” “forward,”  and “backward,” and the drone will follow your instructions.

Best Drone for Photographers and Videographers

Professional and amateur photographers and videographers alike will appreciate this Big Size with Love Drone by DBPOWER for its ability to capture stunning HD photos and videos from high in the sky. This drone allows you to see aerial photos and video footage in real-time from a birds-eye perspective, making it great for any wedding or event in which you want to organically capture footage. Having this will make you not have to go around and take non-candid photos at the expense of having organic fun. The 720p HD camera is great for taking high-quality photos and videos and, from a photography/videography standpoint, you can stream everything in real-time straight to your phone or tablet using the iOS and Android app “FLYINGSEE.” This way, you can use your own gifted eyes to determine which footage is worth using while the drone is in use. It also features a headless mode, so you’ll never get confused about which direction the drone is facing, considering the forward direction is always the direction you’re facing (think of the drone as an extension of you). In addition to headless mode, it contains two different speed modes and an altitude hold mode. The set also comes with an extra battery to help double your flight time.