You can never be too secure when it comes to your front or back doors. But if you have people who are going to be entering your home when you aren’t there, like a dog walker or a cleaning crew, you want to make sure they are able to come in and out without you having to make a billion copies of your keys. By installing a keypad deadbolt lock, you’ll be able to give access to those who need it, but still keep your family and possessions safe. Whether you’ve ever thought about becoming an Airbnb host or renting out your apartment, having a keypad deadbolt makes it easy for guests to enter. We’ve highlighted three of the best options on the market for keypad deadbolt locks to add that extra layer of security to your home.

Best Memory for a Keypad Deadbolt

Allowing you to create up to 19 codes for trusted family and friends, the Schlage BE365CAM619 Be365 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt is versatile. You can create or delete codes and keep the passcode fresh. There’s no wiring needed to install it and it is guaranteed to fit any standard door. The backset of universal latches and deadbolts fit 2 to 0.375″ or 2 to 0.75″ backsets. The keypad is coated in silicone, so it’s easy to push the buttons. The door thickness range that it works with is 1 5/8″ to 2″ thick.

Best Smart Keypad Deadbolt

Technologically advanced, the August Smart Lock creates secure, code-based entry to your home. It pairs perfectly with the August Smart Keypad and the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge to remotely lock/unlock your door. You can integrate it with Alexa, Google Assistant, Simplisafe, Home Away or Airbnb. This easily attaches to your standard deadbolt, so you can keep the keys you have. You can control how long you grant access for: a week, a few weeks, or a few months are options. It locks automatically when you leave and unlocks when you arrive. With the keypad, you’ll be able to create codes to let people in.

Best Keypad Deadbolt with a Master Code Option

If you want a lock that has a master code option, you can opt for the Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt. It features one-touch locking with a motorized deadbolt and back lit keypad, so you’ll be able to see what you’re typing, even at night. It can hold eight customizable access codes at once, plus a master code option to carry on. The latch has an adjustable backset of 2 to 3/8″ or 2 to 3/4″ to fit a standard door. It also features SmartKey technology and security.