Have you ever tried to serve a delicious soup you just made by just dishing it out a spoonful at a time? It takes forever and by the time you’re done, the soup could be cold. Okay, maybe not really, but there has to be something to make it easier to serve you and your guests from that big pot. That something is a ladle, which is a must have in any kitchen. With a wide mouth that’s capable of fitting multiple ounces of liquid, a ladle can become your new best friend, especially during the latter portion of the year when you’re making more soups and stews. If you’re looking for ladle options, we’ve got you covered, as we’ve highlighted three different kinds to fit your kitchen aesthetic.

Best Steel Ladle

With a brushed metal finish, the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Ladle is a solid choice to feature in your utensil holder. It is made from stainless steel construction that won’t rust and has a solid, non-slip grip that’s subtle. The surface of the ladle is also stainless steel, so you can lean it against hot surfaces without a problem. There’s a hole in the handle to make hanging it easy and it’s dishwasher safe, making it super easy to clean.

Best Wooden Ladle

If wood is more your aesthetic, then you should opt for the Totally Bamboo Soup and Sauce Ladle. It’s 14 inches long and three inches across and can easily reach the bottom of most pots and serving bowls. It’s crafted from a single piece of organically grown Moso bamboo, which means it’s both durable and built to last. This bamboo ladle is safe to use with any kind of cookware and it is safe to throw in the dishwasher. It’s also better for the environment as Moso bamboo is a renewable material.

Best Nylon Ladle

For an easy to grip ladle that’ll keep stirring and serving for many years, take a look at the Calphalon Nylon Utensils Ladle. The handle is heat-resistant and made from soft-touch silicone for more comfort and control. The nylon mouth can withstand temperatures up to 400°F and the silicone handle can withstand temperatures up to 500°F. It’s dishwasher safe and comes with a lifetime warranty. The handle has a hole in it for easier storage and it’s extra long (13.5″) so you can get all of that soup from the bottom of the pot without having to tip it towards yourself.