One of the biggest crazes in the caffeine world — outside of, perhaps, the seasonally popular “pumpkin spice,” of course — is the delicious and strong cold brew coffee blend. Made with a higher ratio of coffee to water — around two to two and half times more ― as well as cold water as opposed to the traditional hot, cold brew coffee is a stronger, yet tasty alternative to traditionally brewed coffee. And while you might think you have to go to a fancy coffee shop, or worse yet, wait on that vaunted line at Starbucks, that’s actually not the case. Like any coffee, you can brew it right from your home. And, spoiler alert, it’s actually easier to make than regular coffee, albeit, a bit more time-consuming, considering it’s an overnight process. If you want to become a cold brew aficionado, you should take a look at some of the best cold brew coffee makers on Amazon at the moment. Let’s just say you’re a couple few clicks away from being an unofficial barista. Sort of.

Best Cold Brew Maker for Beginners

While it certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make some cold brew coffee, beginners might want something that requires little to no fuss. This Cold Brew Coffee Maker with Flip Cap Lid by County Line Kitchen will certainly do the trick. With this appliance, you simply add coffee to the stainless steel filter and steep overnight, and voila, you have delicious, home-brewed cold brew when you awake. The filter itself is made with high-quality mesh that will prevent grounds from seeping into your coffee, and the maker features a durable flip cap lid with a high-quality seal for easy storage and pouring. You can also cold brew tea with it, making it a versatile, simple, and durable product that anybody can use.

Best Value Cold Brew Maker

In terms of both price and quality, the Takeya 10310 Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker with Airtight Lid & Silicone Handle is a can’t-miss purchase. The setup features a BPA-free Tritan pitcher with an airtight lid and a non-slip silicone handle, in addition to a fine-mesh filter that prevents any coffee seepage. The Tritan pitcher can also withstand high heat, allowing you to serve hot cold brew coffee (yes, that’s a thing) if you so choose. The Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker comes in one or two-quart sizes, depending on how much cold brew you prefer to make each night.

Best Cold Brew System

If you’re looking for a fully comprehensive cold brew setup, the Toddy Cold Brew System is a great choice. Whether you want iced coffee or a hot cup of joe, this patented system will make a smooth blend that features up to 67 percent less acid than a typical cup of coffee. Additionally, the coffee concentrate it produces can last a full two weeks after its initial brew without losing flavor. The full set contains a handle, glass decanter with a lid, two reusable filters, one rubber stopper, a set of instructions, and a recipe guide for interesting cold brew concoctions.