There are no questions regarding alcohol’s inherent ability to liven things up. But if you’re not a beer drinker, measuring out your liquor for either a mixed drink or a shot is a smart choice. But if you’re taking shots, you’re obviously going to need, well, a shot glass. Let’s face it — pouring liquor into a solo cup and calling it a “shot” is a pretty dangerous game, to say the least, so you’re better off keeping some actual shot glasses on deck. Since drinking responsibly is the name of the game here, measuring your shots to a T is an absolute must. Let’s look into some of the best shot glasses you can find right on Amazon.

Best Individual Shot Glasses

While buying your friends and family a novelty shot glass as a souvenir can be considered a bit tacky for some, there are plenty of people who’d like a go-to shot glass for a bevy of occasions. If you’re looking for a glass that’s super unique, this Lucky Shot .308 Real Bullet Handmade Shot Glass is the way to go. Each custom made glass holds a standard 2 oz. of your favorite liquor and comes embedded with a real .308 bullet, courtesy of Lucky Shot, a U.S. based family-owned business. And do not fret — none of the bullets contain real lead or gunpowder, so you don’t have to worry about “tasting” some of the effects of an actual gunshot.

Best Shot Glass Set

Now if you’re looking for more than one shot glass — either for you and your friends or the simple fact that you have the propensity to break things — then you should opt for the JoyJolt 6-Pack Heavy Base Shot Glass Set. These dishwasher-safe shot glasses are perfect for your at-home bar, as they’re made of a traditional heavy-sham design you’re used to seeing at your favorite pub or restaurant. They’re highly durable, so if you decide to bring them poolside or even with you on your travels, you won’t have to worry, as they’re extremely difficult to break. All in all, these glasses are a great buy for someone in the market for several high-quality shot glasses on the cheap.

Best Shot Glass Set for Parties

If you’re looking to get a little “bougie,” so to speak, you might want to grab a set of shot glasses with a little more flare. These Hayley Cherie Mason Jar Shot Glasses with Lids are the way to go. The mini mason jars hold a standard 2 oz. of liquid, yet they’re far more aesthetically pleasing than your classic shot glass. Considering they come with lids, you don’t have to use them strictly as shot glasses — you can fill them with sand, little trinkets, etc. for decor purposes. Plus, they’re ideal for arts and crafts projects, party favors, or anything else your heart desires. Chances are, however, “anything else” is your favorite shot of liquor. Because, well, why else would you be reading this article?