You’ve made a delicious looking hamburger. You’re putting the ketchup on top and getting ready to add a pickle to finish your masterpiece. But you can’t get the top off that pickle jar, crushing your spirits and dashing perfection. With a jar opener, you won’t ever have this scenario (or any scenario where you couldn’t open a jar). Don’t worry about struggling with or think about smashing a glass jar because you can’t pry it loose. Anyone with arthritis in their hands knows what a tough task it is to open a jar. Adding any of these jar openers to your kitchen arsenal will keep you from being deprived of that pickle on the top of your burger.

Best Retractable Jar Opener

Working in a similar fashion as a can opener, the Kichwit Jar Opener is built to last. It fits jars that have diameters across from 1″ to 3.7″, giving you a lot of versatility. The stainless steel teeth clamp onto the lid and keep it locked on while you twist the handle. The solid plastic handle won’t rust and is easy to turn for any age of user. Plus, this jar opener comes with a bottle opener as an added gift, giving you a solid set for the kitchen.

Best Mountable Jar Opener

You won’t have to use your hands to turn a handle or crank when you mount the EZ Off Jar Opener. Open your jars effortlessly whether the lid is factory sealed, childproof, or just won’t budge. Guaranteed to open jars of any size, the EZ Off opener is simple to install with peel-and-stick adhesive and three screws. You can install it anywhere in your kitchen that you want to hide it out of sight. It’ll hold your jar in place as you unscrew the top off, making it great for just about anyone.

Best Grip Jar Opener

If you just want some extra grip to get those tough lids to come off, then take a look at Prepworks by Progressive Jar Grips. The pack comes with three that are varying sizes and shapes, helping you tackle any size lid. The red cone-shaped grip is ribbed for an added hold on smaller jars. The teal one is rectangular and the green one is round and flat, giving you plenty of options. You won’t get any rubbing burn on your hands, thanks to the comfortable rubber. These can be hand washed and stored tucked away in a drawer.