Guarantee every picture or frame hanging in your home is perfectly secure on the wall, so you don’t have to come home to a shattered mess, by using a stud finder. Buying a stud finder helps you place your pictures in the right spots and makes furnishing your apartment or house a whole lot easier. If you’re just eyeballing it, your frames can fall off easily because they aren’t properly attached. No matter what kind of studs you have, whether they’re metal or wood, it’s important to have a finder handy. So while every man has probably pointed one at themselves to see if it was “working”, actually using any of these three stud finders properly will have your house looking great.

Best Multi-Purpose Stud Finder

With special sensor technology, the Tavool Stud Finder Sensor Wall Scanner can provide deep detection. It has four different scanning modes to let you find what is in the wall. The stud mode detects wooden beams and joints in drywall up to 1.2″. Metal mode detects pipe, rebar, aluminum, and copper up to 1.57″. Deep mode finds wood and metal parts up to 1.77″ and live electrical lines up to 2.36″. It has a light-up LCD screen that shows you the center of the stud, letting you attach it in the best spot. It has automatic calibration and an ergonomic grip to use easily.

Best Horizontal Stud Finder

Sliding the ProSensor 710 Precision Stud Finder along your wall will alert you when you’re getting near a good area to hang something. It senses the wall in multiple locations and the bright lights shine when you’re nearing a possible stud. It shows hidden objects so you know where they are and also what size they are. It can also show you the position of multiple studs simultaneously. The deep scanning sensor is always on, activating areas up to 1.5″ deep.

Best Value Stud Finder

Perfect to keep in your pocket, the CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder gives you great bang for your buck. It has powerful magnets that keep it up on the wall, allowing you to use both of your hands. It is a two-way level that makes marking easy. There are no batteries required and it can scan up to 1″ deep. The edge has a soft grip and it has a rotating vial for leveling. It guarantees no false positives as the magnet sticks to the stud. It promises accuracy within +/- 0.5″.