Have you ever been sweating in a high pressure situation and wiping your brow with the back of your hand just isn’t cutting it? Or have you ever had a cold and been blowing your nose all day and have your pockets packed with tissues? One thing that can’t be understated is how versatile a handkerchief can be. It can even be used as an accessory to put the finishing touches on an outfit. It is something that many fathers always have on them and have taught their sons to do the same. Take a look at some of the best handkerchiefs for men out there and never wish you hadn’t forgotten one again.

Best Cotton Handkerchief

The classic style of a white, cotton handkerchief is always something people notice. Van Heusen’s 13 Pack of Fine Men’s Handkerchiefs are made of 100% woven cotton. Measuring 16″ x 16″ each, they are perfect for your pants pocket or to be used as a pocket square in a jacket. The handkerchief is machine washable but also dry cleaning or hand washing in cold water is recommended to keep it looking its best. This set of a baker’s dozen handkerchiefs is a perfect gift for the man in your life.

Most Fashionable Handkerchief

Sometimes, you don’t want to have just a plain white handkerchief. To add some flair to your wardrobe, check out Dockers Cotton Handkerchiefs Gift Set Fashion. With black and blue assorted handkerchiefs, you can match your hankie to your outfit and really make it pop. It comes with six handkerchiefs that are imported and can be monogrammed for a more personalized style. The set are all machine washable, so if you use it to wipe up a stain, it won’t stay on the handkerchief. Plus, it comes in different colors as well, so feel free to pick which one is right for you.

Softest Handkerchief

If you prefer a different type of handkerchief, Brooklyn Bamboo makes a six piece set of Bamboo Men’s Handkerchiefs that could be up your alley. They are durable and made from 100% organic bamboo, giving it a softer feel than cotton. They are light to the touch and won’t chafe your nose or skin. They each are 17″ x 17″ and have an elegant vintage look perfect for any occasion. They can be washed with everyday items in the washing machine. They may shrink a little while washing but they won’t tear or rip easily.