It was only two years ago that HMD Global stormed Mobile World Congress with what was one of the most anticipated press conferences of the event. Just like that, Nokia was back, baby — and Nokia Android phones became exciting for the first time in the history of the brand. Since then, the company launched quite a few entry-level and mid-range Android devices, as well as a few flagships that weren’t entirely ready to compete against their direct rivals. The main focus was clear: HMD wanted to sell affordable devices around the world, and the company quickly expanded in various markets like China, Europe, and the US.

But that doesn’t mean HMD is steering clear of high-end devices that will take on the latest iPhone and Galaxy S models. MWC 2019 will bring us the first such device, the Nokia 9 PureView that has been rumored for 2 years now. And the Nokia 9 just so happens to be the world’s first handset with a five-lens camera setup on the back.

It sounded crazy when we saw the first rumors about a penta-lens Nokia phone, but then the leaks got real. Soon enough, we saw press renders of the phone that confirmed the handset would carry that iconic Nokia camera brand that you’d see on the company’s Windows phones a long time ago: PureView. Nokia already teased the camera features of the Nokia 9 on Instagram earlier this week, and this image alone should make you want to know more about the handset:

That said, there are two things you won’t necessarily appreciate about this first-gen Nokia 9 PureView model. First of all, it’s got huge bezels around the screen, according to the leaks, and that’s something we don’t want to be exposed to now that all-screen phones exist. Secondly, and this is something Nokia will hopefully work on in the future, the Nokia 9 PureView will come with 2018 hardware on board. Namely, the Snapdragon 845 processor that powered all of yesterday’s flagships. Rumors suggest a better Nokia 9 model might be in the works for later this year, but we highly doubt HMD will address those rumors during today’s event.

With this being a Nokia event, we expect HMD to unveil additional Android phones that cover other price points, as well as some sort of modern version of an iconic Nokia phone from the past. This is, of course, just speculation based on what the company has done in previous years.

For all the news coming out of Nokia’s press event, follow the live stream below starting at 10:00 AM EST, and you’ll find our live blog underneath the embedded YouTube video.

I sure could have used a five-lens camera this close to the stage. 

And that was the HMD Global event, live, Nokia fans. We’ll be back from the final press event of the day, LG’s keynote.

The phone launches in March, with preorders starting in select markets right now.

$699: 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

The display is a 2K POLED panel with no notch, but an in-display fingerprint sensor.

No camera bump, IP67 rating, and wireless charging.

He’s the guy who teased the phone on Instagram a few days ago.

Konsta Punkka on stage to tell us more about the phone’s crazy photography powers. 

The phone also creates a RAW image for each photo.

“Extremely high-resoltuion 12-megapixel depth map. 

“Full view depth map.”

HDR: 12.4 stops. 

The phone uses the ISP, CPU, and GPU at the same time to create the photos. 

That’s up to 240-megapixels of data.

“Every capture takes at least one simultaneous picture with all of the five cameras.”

The monochrome cameras are meant to capture more light. 

Two cameras are color cameras, while the other three are monochrome. 

The “world’s first 5 camera array smartphone.”

Here it is. The phone with five Zeiss lenses on the back!

Alright… we’re ready for the Nokia 9 PureView, Nokia!

Prices are quite affordable, $139 and $169, respectively. The phones start shipping in April.

Both Nokia 3.2 and Nokia 4.2 are part of the Android One, which means buyers are getting two years of Android updates.

Nokia 4 will have a depth-of-field lens on the back, which will deliver bokeh effects like on other phones.

Both phones support “Face unlock,” but it’s the 2D kind of face unlock, considering there’s only a front-facing camera on the front. 

Did we just look at a guy riding a bike while pressing the Google Assistant button on a Nokia phone? 

Google Assistant is obviously available on both phones.

Signature features for Nokia 3.2 and Nokia 4: the power button lights up when you have new notifications.

Nokia 3 is next, an even cheaper version of the Nokia 4 from the looks of it.

Dual-lens camera on the back. 

All-screen phone with a tiny notch at the top. It still has a bottom chin, as well as a tiny top bezel. 

Nokia 4 is a brand new mid-ranger.

Next up, “the mass market” segment.

Red, black, and blue, for $99 in early March – Nokia 1 Plus.

Android 9 Pie (Go edition) preloaded. 

Main camera is 8-megapixel with autofocus. 

5.4-inch IPS 18:9 screen. It’s all screen, but with bezels.

The Nokia 1 Plus is next. 

Yeah, this isn’t the best angle for taking photos of the huge screen here. I’m getting all the pixels. 

Nokia 210 sells for just $35. 

Battery life for a month, that sounds great. But it’s still a feature phone.

It’s not a banana phone, but we’re close. to that. Meet the Nokia 210. The internet in your pocket.

Nokia is #1 when it comes to feature phones. Are we in for a new banana?

Feature phones up first.

Nokia says that it’s about to launch a Nokia phone for everyone. 

Finally, it’s starting to get better. 

We’re 11 minutes in and Nokia is still doing the intro of this show.

Yes, the fact that Nokia is fast to update their devices to the latest version of Android is one of the best things about Nokia phones.

And that’s great, considering that Nokia fans have been waiting for great Android phones for yeas.

HMD really feels good about itself.

Nokia is a top 5 brand in many markets, including Europe, Middle East, North Africa, and Russia. 

Even so, Nokia tripled its userbase last year, compared to 2018.

2018, a challenging year for the smartphone industry. 

The room is packed with Nokia fans, that’s for sure.

We’re treated to some great music while we wait.

I don’t blame you if that hot Huawei Mate X foldable phone is all you can think of when it comes to MWC phones, but Nokia is about to start its own presser.