Black Friday is almost upon us, which means many of the sales you’ve been waiting for have either gone live online or will be live soon. As always, Apple’s newest products will be on many holiday lists, but not all of these products will receive significant discounts from Apple. The company will offer a variety of gift cards to customers who shop online and in its stores, depending on what products they purchase, but the sale doesn’t cover 2018 products.

Other retailers, meanwhile, host much better discounts than Apple on the iPhone, Watch, iPad, and Mac. But the Retina MacBook Air that was launched a few weeks ago isn’t included in many sales. That said, we do have for you a couple of deals that will help you save some cash on Apple’s newest Air.

Apple currently sells two MacBook Air configurations, priced at $1,199 and $1,399. The only difference between them is storage. The cheaper model comes with a 128GB SSD on board, while $200 extra gets you double the flash memory. You can increase the RAM up to 16GB and upgrade the SSD up to 1.5GB on Apple’s site, but prices will go up accordingly.

That doesn’t mean you have to pay Apple’s retail price for the new MacBook Air, however. B&H and eBay are the two retailers ready to slash the prices for various 2018 MacBook Air models.

B&H has a few Retina MacBook Airs on sale right now, with discounts ranging from $100 to $150, as follows:

eBay, meanwhile, only has two Retina MacBook Airs deals, one that’s already available, and one scheduled for Black Friday. We’re looking at discounts between $100 and $110 compared to regular sticker price:

Assuming color doesn’t matter to you, then eBay has the better deal for the 8GB/256GB version, while B&H sells the cheapest 8GB/128GB Air. B&H, of course, has the best savings on Air models with more memory and storage.