Synology is a Taiwanese company started by two former Microsoft execs that’s known for its NAS devices, and the company has just introduced a new 1-bay NAS that’s compact, energy-efficient and which the company says is designed to be a perfect entry-level solution for users.

The product is the DiskStation DS119j, with Synology describing it as “tailor-made for the home environment” and only consumes 10.04 watts in full operation and just 5.01 watts in hard drive hibernation mode. That’s compared to a laptop which, of course, can consume upwards of 45 watts. Moreover, this NAS also features a “noise-dampening design” meant to be as quiet as a whisper, as the company describes it, compared to some PC counterparts.

The new NAS runs on DiskStation Manager, which is Synology’s operation system for NAS services and supports a variety of applications to enhance work productivity.

“There are many users who are not familiar with a NAS yet, nor are aware of the benefits of having one at home,” says Synology product manager Michael Wang. “DS119j is aimed to be an ideal choice for first-time NAS users with versatile software features, an intuitive user interface and an affordable price point.”

According to a product spec sheet, the NAS is backed by a 2-year limited warranty. It’s powered by a dual-core processor and is supported by a built-in hardware encryption engine. System installation is done with your existing web browser in just a few steps and is combined with a quick start widget to let users explore the operation system and complete basic system settings.

Synology also provides mobile applications for you to enjoy multimedia content on the go.

From a company description, “Synology DiskStation DS119j is a budget-friendly, versatile and easy-to-use 1-bay NAS with the capability to host, share and protect data for personal users. DS119j offers a variety of packages in its DSM Package Center, allowing beginners to explore the infinite possibilities of Synology NAS.”