Since John Legere took control of T-Mobile in 2012, the carrier has orchestrated a remarkable turn-around. Through launching the Un-Carrier initiative, T-Mobile turned its scrappy underdog status into a marketing plug, and by adding the iPhone to its lineup and investing heavily in network infrastructure, the company’s product is now on par with AT&T and Verizon.

But the most under-appreciated aspect of the turn-around is T-Mobile’s customer service. Things still aren’t perfect by any means, but T-Mobile’s focus on customer care has had a measurable impact, resulting today in the highest-ever score on JD Power’s wireless customer service survey.

T-Mobile and its prepaid subsidiary, MetroPCS, each scored the highest-ever total score in their respective categories. That’s an impressive achivement; it’s even more impressive when you consider that five years ago, T-Mobile lagged behind the competition and wasn’t even in first place overall.

“Our incredible customer care teams at T-Mobile and MetroPCS just made history with their customer obsession, and because we’re the Un-carrier, we won’t stop at just being the best in wireless,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “We’re primed to go totally next level in 2018!”

Since starting the Un-Carrier movement, T-Mobile has rebranded its customer care team as “T-Force,” and put emphasis on non-traditional customer care options like live chat support and social media direct messaging. It’s still not a perfect system — T-Mobile’s billing and control software still causes problems for the reps themselves, which leads to billing errors on occasion — but on basic metrics like wait time and problem resolution, T-Mobile has really turned things around.

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