Early on in Destiny, players are rewarded with their very own Sparrow — a speedy hovercraft that allows them to zoom around the maps at high speeds. All you had to do to get one in the first game was complete an early mission: The Warmind. But in Destiny 2, getting your hands on a Sparrow is a bit more complicated.

At the moment, there appear to be three ways to acquire a Sparrow. The most straightforward method is to simply complete the game. Once you finish the main story in Destiny 2, [spoilers begin] the Tower from the first game will be rebuilt and will be able to visit it. When you arrive at the Tower, head to the Tower Hanger, talk to Amanda Holliday and choose one of the three Sparrows she has on offer [spoilers over].

If you don’t want to have to finish the story in order to get a Sparrow, there is another way, but it requires some luck. Once you hit level 20 (the current max level of Destiny 2), you will gain Bright Engrams each time you fill up the experience bar. You will also be able to purchase Bright Engrams using Silver (Destiny 2’s premium currency) from Tess Everis at The Farm social hub. Everis will then decrypt these Engrams, and you will receive a random reward in return. One of those random rewards could be a Sparrow.

Finally, the most complicated way to get a Sparrow in Destiny 2 is to go to Target and pick up a box of Pop-Tarts. Unfortunately, there are a few additional steps beyond that, which you can read below:

  1. BUY any participating Pop-Tarts at Target stores from 9/1/17 – 12/31/17.
  2. TAKE A PICTURE of your receipt containing the Qualifying Purchase and TEXT it along with the keyword D2XP to short code 89332 OR EMAIL it to D2XP@KFR.com (Choose one (1) method only). Must be a Kellogg’s Family Rewards member or join KFR.
  3. GET a Red Sparrow promotion code via email or text including the digital code and a link to the Bungie site to redeem their code.

If you bought Destiny 2, you’re probably going to finish the campaign anyway. My recommendation is to skip the Bright Engram hunt and the breakfast treats and just finish the game to get your Sparrow.

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