Since unveiling the Model S P100D last summer, Tesla owners have been obsessed with pushing Tesla’s flagship vehicle to the limit. And with good reason, the Model S P100D is an absolute speed demon capable of going from 0-60 in 2.4 seconds flat. The Model S P100D’s quarter-mile time, meanwhile, is equally impressive. When Tesla originally introduced the P100D, the company boasted that it was capable of completing a quarter-mile run in just 10.78 seconds.

Always keen on upping the ante, Tesla earlier this year rolled out a software update which allows P100D owners to take advantage of a new Ludicrous+ Mode that promises to give their car just a little bit of extra juice. In the days following the aforementioned software update, the industrious folks over at DragTimes took Tesla’s latest and greatest out to a racetrack where they posted a new quarter-mile record time of 10.726 seconds.

Taking things even further, DragTimes over the weekend tweaked their Model S P100 D, removed a few things to make the car lighter, and manged to eek out a slightly faster quarter-mile time of 10.723 seconds.

Crazy enough, the video above was posted yesterday and is already old news. Earlier today we received word that the folks over at HorsepowerFreaks achieved a new quarter-mile record with a blazing fast time of 10.638 seconds. Note that this isn’t just a Tesla record, it’s a record that applies to all four door sedans.

Video of the record setting run can be viewed below.