There might be one more reason to avoid buying the brand new MacBook Pro right now: Apple’s newest laptop could have some serious GPU issues that Apple is yet to explain and fix.

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According to various reports, the 2016 MacBook Pro experiences some unexpected problems, like flickering and tearing in certain apps. Threads on MacRumors and, as well as videos, document the issue.

It’s unclear at this time what causes this, but YouTube user Jan Becker who documented one such GPU failure in Premiere Pro said that an Apple Store employee told him it’s probably a hardware problem. Becker ordered a new MacBook Pro who doesn’t suffer from the issue seen in this video:

But the new MacBook still had a noticeable GPU glitch “I just created a NEW project on this MBP and when rendering it didn’t crash,” Becker said. “The other project that made the computer crash was created on an old MacPro with a NVIDIA graphics card.
But I still have a weird graphics glitch when I restart.”

Looking at feedback from its readers, 9to5Mac concluded that its unscientific poll shows that a significant number of 2016 MacBook Pro users have experienced GPU glitches.

It’s unclear at this time why the newest MacBook Pro is showing GPU issues, or whether it’s software- or hardware-related, but either way, that’s certainly something Apple has to fix.

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