The New England Patriots aren’t in this year’s Super Bowl, but their specter is nonetheless hovering over the festivities. In the latest clip for Amazon’s Super Bowl ad for the Amazon Echo, Alec Baldwin makes reference to last year’s “Deflategate” controversy when he tells the chefs making football-shaped cheese treats for his Super Bowl party that “there will be no soft footballs this year, not on my watch.”

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The chef informs Baldwin that the brie being used for the cheese footballs is simply too soft, which prompts Baldwin to ask his Amazon Echo to order 60 wheels of pecorino, which is a much harder cheese and will thus be better for the snacks.

At any rate, it’s good to know that Baldwin’s Super Bowl party will feature snacks that are within the league’s required range for air pressure, though he’d better not invite Tom Brady to his party if he wants things to stay that way.

Check out the clip yourself below.