There’s a smooth criminal lurking – no, gliding – around the streets of London. In a bizarre, and yet entertaining, video posted by the Metropolitan Police Service earlier today, we see an individual gliding into a co-op on a hoverboard, grabbing a crate of energy drinks, and then casually gliding out of the store.

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Video of the theft, which took place in the Mitcham district of south London, was posted just few hours ago and is quickly going viral.

Pretty damn gutsy, and equally peculiar.

On a related note, whoever started calling those segway-esque contraptions ‘hoverboards’ is a marketing genius. For decades, hoverboards referred to one thing and one thing only — the cool contraptions we saw in Back to the Future II.  But somehow, someway, the name has since been co-opted to include wheeled devices like the one above.

In any event, if you’re curious as to what a real hoverboard experience might look like, Lexus created an actual hoverboard as part of a promotional stunt this past August, video of which can be seen below.