Logos and slogans are spectacular marketing and branding tools that flood our lives. Many of them enter our vocabulary and we end up automatically associating some phrases with certain companies forever. But one graphic designer wants to change all that with his “Honest Slogans” website, which imagines what these logos would say if they cut through all the marketing speak and told the truth.

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“A side project I started in 2011, HonestSlogans.com is a collection of well-known brands with more transparent, ‘honest’ slogans that offer more of an insight into what people truly think of them,” Clif Dickens says on his website.

Dickens’ first design the Pepsi honest logo that reads “Is Pepsi okay?” or the question waitresses always ask customers who want Coca-Cola, if it isn’t on the menu. In addition to Pepsi, here are some of the funniest honest slogans created by Dickens, with more of them available at the source link (and yes, they’re pretty much always better than the real thing):

Amazon – Priming us to never leave the house

honest-logos-amazonImage Source: Clif Dickens

Apple  $2,000 Facebook machines

honest-logos-appleImage Source: Clif Dickens

Best Buy – Try it out before buying it on Amazon

honest-logos-best-buyImage Source: Clif Dickens

Burger King – Have it your way: Eat somewhere else

honest-logos-burger-kingImage Source: Clif Dickens

Comcast – Just try leaving us…

honest-logos-comcastImage Source: Clif Dickens

Dunking Donuts – America eats a lot of donuts

honest-logos-dunkin-donutsImage Source: Clif Dickens

Ikea – We throw in extra parts just to mess with you

honest-logos-ikeaImage Source: Clif Dickens

HBO Go – Hoping your ex-roommate’s ex-girlfriend’s stepbrother won’t change the password

honest-logos-hbo-goImage Source: Clif Dickens

Kickstarter – Get money for absolutely anything

honest-logos-kickstarterImage Source: Clif Dickens

Levi’s – Wearable napkins

honest-logos-levisImage Source: Clif Dickens

McDonald’s – Because you only have $4

honest-logos-mcdonaldsImage Source: Clif Dickens

Netflix – Spend more time searching than actually watching

honest-logos-netflixImage Source: Clif Dickens

Pepsi – ‘Is Pepsi okay?’

honest-logos-pepsiImage Source: Clif Dickens

Starbucks – We serve you decaf if you’re rude

honest-logos-starbucksImage Source: Clif Dickens

Taco Bell – Also open when you’re sober

honest-logos-taco-bellImage Source: Clif Dickens

Tinder – Wait… which one are you?

honest-logos-tinderImage Source: Clif Dickens

The North Face – For outdoor adventurers across school campus

honest-logos-the-north-faceImage Source: Clif Dickens

Toblerone – The airport chocolate

honest-logos-tobleroneImage Source: Clif Dickens

U-Haul – No experience driving a large truck? Good luck!

honest-logos-u-haulImage Source: Clif Dickens

Yelp – Pretend your review matters

honest-logos-yelpImage Source: Clif Dickens

Wikipedia – You’re welcome, college students

honest-logos-wikipediaImage Source: Clif Dickens