NASA treated us to a post-halloween surprise on Sunday with a new 30-minute video showcasing stunning shots of the sun taken in 4K quality. The was taken from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), a spacecraft which launched back in 2010.

“SDO captures images of the Sun in 10 different wavelengths, each of which helps highlight a different temperature of solar material,” NASA’s YouTube channel explains. “In this video we experience images of the Sun in unprecedented detail captured by SDO. Presented in ultra-high definition video (4K) the video presents the nuclear fire of our life-giving star in intimate detail, offering new perspective into our own relationships with grand forces of the solar system.”

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Well said, NASA. Well said.

The resulting video is mesmerizing and took approximately 300 hours of work to put together. As the intro to the video explains, it took a team of media scientists 10 hours to create just one minute of video footage, clearly making this a labor of thermonuclear love and art.