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Sun News

The Sun is super chill right now

Scientists predict that the upcoming solar cycle will be calm, as was the previous one. Fewer solar storms and less material flowing out from the Sun toward the Earth and Moon is advantageous >>

Stunning time lapse features a decade of the Sun

A new video released by NASA crunches 10 years of Sun observations by the Solar Dynamics Observatory down into just over one hour. The video shows the Sun moving between its maximum and >>

This is the Sun like you’ve never seen it before

NASA’s Hi-C 2.1 telescope captured the Sun’s tiny plasma threads in never-before-seen detail. The threads make up the coronal loops that twist out of the star, and the smallest of the threads measures >>

The Sun is the best jack-o-lantern

Halloween is rapidly approaching and that means there’s a whole lot of pumpkins meeting their demise at the hands of ambitious carvers. NASA isn’t in the pumpkin carving business, but that doesn’t mean >>