If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to stare pure evil right in the face, look no further than vvatch.tv. What is vvatch.tv, you ask? It’s an endless loop of YouTube videos. All the videos. Looping. Endlessly. It may very well be the worst website on the Internet, but it’s practically impossible to look away. What am I watching? What’s coming next? It’s agonizing and glorious. And thankfully, it’s going away soon.

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As it exists today, vvatch.tv is actually a commentary of sorts, and it serves as “a teaser for the forthcoming product,” as founder Marc Kremers wrote on Product Hunt. When it launches, it will aim to rethink the way video content is curated and presented on the Internet. “One way to describe vvatch could be ‘Tumblr for TV channels’, Kremers wrote. “And it’s specifically ‘TV’ (think live, immediate, synchronous), not ‘video’, otherwise it’d be nothing more than a glorified playlist.”

It sounds like vvatch.tv may indeed be pretty interesting once it launches. For the time being, however, it’s evil and awful and I can’t look away.

Whatever you do, don’t click this link.

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