We often come across stories that tend to put drones in a negative light, from cops in North Dakota being able to arm drones with tasers and tear gas to a fisherman attacking an innocent drone mid-flight. But we can put all of that aside for now and focus on some truly magnificent aerial footage captured by, you guessed it, a drone off the coast of Fourth Beach in Western Australia.

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Not too long ago, Australian photographer Jaimen Hudson set his drone off into the air and proceeded to film this stunning video of two whales lurking beneath the surface as a paddleboarder maneuvers in the water nearby. Shot in 4K, the video really helps us appreciate the sheer size of these majestic creatures.

Speaking to ABC.net, Hudson added:

There was one time when the whales lifted their heads up looked up over Pricey’s board, they were so inquisitive and wanted to know what he was. I don’t think it was dangerous, the whales moved to where he was and the whole time they were very slow moving and peaceful.

Truly stunning.