As part of a new ad campaign called There’s Nothing Like Australia, Tourism Australia decided to put a new spin on the selfie that, believe it or not, is not nauseating. Actually, it’s pretty cool, and the way it works is creative and simple.

If you’re in Australia and happen to find yourself at a location that’s just begging for a selfie, you can put away your selfie stick for good. Instead, find a nearby GIGA Selfie platform and make sure you have the GIGA Selfie app. If that’s all squared away, you can proceed to use the app to take a photo of yourself via a fixed camera located hundreds of feet away.

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Following that, an extremely high resolution photo is sent directly to your phone where you can zoom in and out to your heart’s content. Whether you want a detailed close-up of your smiling mug or a more broader shot that captures the majestic scenery around you, this clever photo service seems like a can’t miss.

The app is reportedly targeted at Japanese tourists, but this certainly looks like something that most everyone can enjoy. And who knows, perhaps this is a subtle glimpse into the not too distant future.

The video below provides a nice overview of how the whole system works.