Terrified of heights, water or dives? Then you’d better hang on to your chair, as the following video is going to help you quickly experience all these fears. A daring man named Laso Schaller took it upon himself to jump off a cliff and dive 200 feet into the water in a brand-new viral video that’s burning up the Internet.

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Schaller reached a speed of 76mph as he hit the water, Gizmodo notes. But the scary part is his actual surroundings that seem to leave little room for errors.

The clip was posted on RedBull’s YouTube channel on Wednesday, showing the jump from a variety of angles, including one showing Schaller’s point of view during the insane leap.

“Remember the first time standing on a high-dive at your local pool?” the video’s description on YouTube reads. “It was a little terrifying, right? Maybe 10 feet high? Imagine what it would be like to stand on a platform nearly 59 meters high, taller than the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and perched on a cliff above a tiny, natural pool of water.”

Watch the impressive 200-foot jump below – and don’t try this at home.

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