The last time we saw a company that was this totally hosed was probably the time that Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox admitted it had lost all of its customers’ Bitcoins. Ashley Madison, the notorious cheating website whose clientele got exposed this week as part of a massive hack, has just suffered another massive blow in the form of a second huge dump of stolen data onto the web.

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Researchers at TrustedSec claim that the Impact Team has released a 19GB torrent of stolen Ashley Madison data that includes a whopping 13GB worth of emails from Noel Biderman, the CEO of Ashley Madison parent company Avid Life. Additionally, the new information dump also includes the source code for both the Ashley Madison website and its assorted mobile apps.

“Interesting enough—if this turns out to be legitimate which it in all aspects appears to be—having full source code to these websites means that other hacker groups now have the ability to find new flaws in Avid Life’s websites, and further compromise them more,” writes TrustedSec. “If there was any question to the validity of the data before – those should be removed now.”


Well, it was nice knowing you Ashley Madison. Even if your angry clients don’t sue you out of existence, we can’t imagine any sane person signing up for your service ever again.

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