The Android-vs-iPhone debate is ancient by now, although it’s still a nerd fight that rages on in comments sections around the Internet. But forget for a second all the serious arguments, because there’s a quick prank that iPhone fans can use to convince their Android friends that the iPhone is always the faster smartphone.

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After revealing a trick that helps you speed up your Android device by enabling developer mode on the handset and tweaking some options, Business Insider is back with a guide that tells you how you can intentionally slow down your handset.

All you need are a few minutes alone with your friend’s device to enable to feature and significantly slow down the device to the point where it’ll seriously annoy anyone using it.

Just follow the guide from the other day (see this link) to enable developer mode and then access the hidden Developer options menu. In there, you’ll have to look for Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale options and crank them up to 10x each — by default they’re at 1x each.

Once that’s done, the phone will slow down to almost a halt when performing basic operations, as you’ll see in the GIF animations below.

The procedure isn’t harmful to the device and it’s reversible. In fact, make sure you fix your friends’ Android handsets after you’re done laughing at them.

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