Google released new Gmail features on Tuesday that should make your email experience feel more personal and fun, the company says.

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Gmail now supports “hundreds more themes” and emoji, which should be enough to help you further pimp up your inbox and your outgoing messages.

The extra themes are high-resolution pictures that have been taken by “some fellow Googlers,” though users can directly upload their pics as well. Google also lets you further customize the selected photo with the help of various tools, including blur, vignette, and text background.

As for emoji, Google is apparently aware that sometimes you just can’t find the right words to express how you’re feeling. That’s when emoji can come to the rescue, and Gmail users will be able to include them quickly in all their emails henceforward.

These updates are rolling out over the next few days, so you should see the new themes and emoji pop up in your Gmail soon. Meanwhile, here are some images that highlight Google’s minor, but fun, new Gmail tricks.