I’ve never been able to get into AMC’s The Walking Dead. I’ve played through Telltale’s adventure game series, I’ve read a bunch of the comics, but the show never really grabbed me, and now I feel like it’s too much effort to catch up. Thankfully, AMC is giving me another chance to enter the world of the show with a spinoff called Fear the Walking Dead.

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Fear the Walking Dead doesn’t premiere until August, but on Friday, AMC shared a first look promo video featuring Nick, one of the show’s main characters. Nick’s family will be focus of the show, but we don’t learn much about him in this video. All we know is that someone (or something) is chasing Nick… and he can’t quite keep his pants up.

Is Nick running from zombies or did someone’s boyfriend just come home to find Nick in a compromising position? It’s hard to tell with the Inception horn blasting in the background. We’re sure to find out later this summer when the show kicks off.

Watch the trailer below: