Earlier this year, we learned that Apple was beginning to get serious about launching a web TV service of its own — something to compete with the other over-the-top services that have started popping up around the market. Having its name attached to the service will be a plus, but Apple wants to truly differentiate itself from the competition.

Unfortunately, that could mean we won’t see the Apple’s service any time soon.

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Re/code received word from industry executives on Friday that Apple is hoping to include local broadcast stations for customers all over the country to watch on its service. It would be a huge win for Apple, but in order to make this pipe dream a reality, Apple is going to have to clear the rights to the local programming and the commercials with the rights owners.

As Re/code explains, most broadcasters don’t own every local station on their network and executives tell the publication that in order to provide the digital feeds of programming from affiliates all over the country, the broadcasters would have to build entirely new streaming infrastructure.

If Apple wants local programming on its web TV service at launch, it could take months or years before the technology is in place and the rights have been cleared. In other words, the chances of an announcement at WWDC 2015 next month have been diminished rather significantly.