For many years, Samsung has been slammed for allegedly copycatting Apple. However, whatever transgressions Samsung has committed in this regard pale in comparison to Xiaomi, the Chinese electronics company that has in the past performed such shameless copycatting that we’ve dubbed them the “Apple Ripoff Master.” Business Insider’s Steve Kovach on Tuesday posted a new picture showing that Xiaomi doesn’t just rip off Apple’s smartphone designs — it rips off the company’s event invitations as well.

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Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself below.

Yes, Xiaomi really did use the same type of overlapping colored flower pattern that Apple used in its last major event invitation. Even GooPhone doesn’t extend copycatting to this absurd level, although to be fair, we don’t think GooPhone has special media events for its product launches either.

This is particularly rich because Xiaomi lately has been complaining lately that many of its rivals are stealing its designs and selling knockoff versions of its products at an even lower cost. If that’s not a classic example of chutzpah, we don’t know what is.