The versatile GoPro camera never ceases to amaze us, as the tiny gadget lets users capture all sorts of interesting moments that might otherwise go unrecorded. We have already seen some impressive clips recorded with the popular gadget – check out our GoPro hub to see some of them – but we’re hardly done finding remarkable GoPro videos. Such is the case with this incredible one-hour GoPro clip recorded in outer space.

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NASA astronaut Terry Virts, who provided many amazing images and Vines from space and the ISS before, has taken the GoPro out for a spin in space, recording his “Extravehicular Activity” which is the more complex way of saying spacewalking.

The camera captures a gorgeous, but also rather terrifying view of Earth and space, while also showing parts of the International Space Station and the astronauts in action.

The full video follows bellow.