Late last week, we learned that AMC’s Walking Dead spinoff show will be titled Fear the Walking Dead. On Sunday night, AMC showed off the first footage of the show in an excruciatingly short teaser during The Walking Dead season finale.

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“Morning Los Angeles, hope you got your flu shot,” begins the eerily calm teaser. Fear the Walking Dead will take us back to origin of the viral outbreak around which the TV show and the comic centers. It will feature a new cast of characters, takes place in Los Angeles and will consist of 6 one-hour episodes premiering this summer.

That’s pretty much all we know.

AMC has had a great deal of success with another recent spinoff (Better Call Saul), so hopefully this will give those of us who never latched on to The Walking Dead another chance to jump into one of the most popular shows in the history of cable television.

Watch the teaser trailer below: