After a series of reports suggested that a Chinese smartphone maker might build the next-gen Nexus smartphone for Google, a report from South Korea indicates the company behind two popular Nexus devices might be working on a third one this year.

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Apparently, Google engineers have visited LG headquarters, with Etoday suggesting that LG might make the Nexus 6 successor this year. The company is an old Google partner when it comes to Nexus handsets, having created the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 in previous years, which were both very popular with Nexus fans.

One of the recent rumors did say that Google is considering both LG and a Chinese company – which later turned out to be Huawei – for the next-gen Nexus handset, although Google is far from confirming such reports. The company usually launches a new Nexus smartphone late every year, timing its launch with a next-gen Android OS release.

LG is apparently developing an “N000” device with Google, which is said to likely be a phone and not a tablet. Google execs have apparently visited various locations, including LG Display and other facilities that manufacture smartphone components such as wireless charging modules and cameras with optical image stabilization.